Ellen DeGeneres refuses to interview celebs appearing on Kelly’s talk show?

Ellen DeGeneres refuses to interview celebs appearing on Kelly's talk show?

Ellen DeGeneres and Kelly Clarkson have, allegedly, been feuding over their guests on their respective talk shows.

According to Radar Online, Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t like to interview celebrities who have already been interviewed by Clarkson. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly has a rule with her guests

But a source told the tabloid DeGeneres set a very clear rule on her daytime program, Ellen Show.

“The rule is very clear, and every celebrity, manager, and agent knows it, if you want to be on Ellen’s show, she must for first, he will not follow any other daytime show including Kelly,” the source said, as per Radar Online.

The source also used the cast of The Voice as an example by saying that if they want to appear on Clarkson’s show, it’s fine. However, this means that they can no longer appear on The Ellen Show.

“At the moment, Ellen is being very supportive of Kelly, but do not think Clarkson’s successful debut has gone unnoticed,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres worried over Kelly Clarkson's show's success?

Ellen DeGeneres worried over Kelly Clarkson’s show’s success?

In 2018, Life & Style claimed that DeGeneres is livid at Clarkson because the latter has decided to host her own talk show. Since the two A-listers are in direct competition with each other, there are fears that Clarkson could dethrone DeGeneres as the queen of daytime TV.

The alleged feud, allegedly, became much worse this year after Ellen DeGeneres started cussing at Clarkson.

Are the daytime talk show hosts competing with each other?

According to Globe, DeGeneres fears that the American Idol winner could steal the limelight from her completely. Since there is a drop in the ratings for The Ellen Show, the comedian is, allegedly, concerned that Clarkson could get ahead.

“What makes it worse is Kelly’s touting it all over town. A lot of people think Ellen’s soft and mushy and a real pushover, but she’s not. She can get in a bad mood real fast,” the source said, as per Globe.

“Kelly sees exactly why her show connected with so many people. She is sincere, down-to-earth, and talks to her viewers like they’re her friends. Sure, she has celebrity guests on, but she relates to them completely differently than Ellen, more like a regular person. And unlike Ellen, she doesn’t lean on an army of highly paid comedy writers dreaming up jokes for her,” the source added.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Ellen DeGeneres has been supportive of Clarkson’s recent endeavors. In fact, she once surprised the singer on her talk show with a supersized present.

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