Ellen DeGeneres renewing her vows with Portia de Rossi amid divorce fears?

Ellen DeGeneres renewing her vows with Portia de Rossi amid divorce fears?

Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t want to take Portia de Rossi for granted because the latter could, allegedly, file for divorce.

As such, Ellen DeGeneres decided to ask de Rossi to renew their wedding vows to strengthen their relationship.

According to National Enquirer, de Rossi immediately said yes. And the Ally McBeal star couldn’t be more thrilled to plan a simple party to celebrate their renewal of vows.

“Ellen sat Portia down and had a heart-to-heart with her, telling her how important she is and how she wants to make their marriage work. She told Portia she’d marry her all over again and suggested they renew their vows and repledge their love,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres will go all out during her renewal of vows

Ellen DeGeneres will go all out during her renewal of vows

In order to get a yes from de Rossi, DeGeneres, allegedly, told the Scandal alum that she can spend as much money as she wants on their special day.

“That meant a lot because Ellen’s real tight about money and picky about details,” the source alleged.

The couple’s plans revealed?

The insider claimed that DeGeneres and de Rossi’s renewal of vows will take place sometime over the holidays. And they will invite a few of their close friends.

“The plan is to have an intimate, fully catered affair with just a few close friends. Portia’s really excited. She’s a girly girl and loves planning parties and wearing pretty dresses,” the source said.

Portia de Rossi feels neglected by Ellen DeGeneres

During the past couple of months, Ellen DeGeneres faced a slew of controversies and de Rossi stuck by her side.

“Ellen couldn’t have gotten through this mess without Portia’s support. But Portia felt under-appreciated and ignored while Ellen was trying to salvage her career. Ellen knows Portia will walk if she gets taken for granted again. She’s trying to make up for it now,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, the tabloid couldn’t have been more wrong about DeGeneres and de Rossi.

The Ellen Show has not said anything about renewing her vows with her wife.

After all, DeGeneres is still recovering after she tested positive for COVID-19.

And while it is true that de Rossi supported DeGeneres throughout her recent ordeals, it is untrue that the comedian made her wife feel underappreciated.

Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t have been more grateful to de Rossi for her love and support. And she has always been vocal about it on her show and on social media.

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