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Ellen DeGeneres responded to rumors she was offered Lisa Kudrow’s role in ‘Friends’


Ellen DeGeneres previously responded to rumors that she was supposed to play Phoebe Buffay in Friends.

Years ago, tabloids claimed that the producers of Friends offered Ellen DeGeneres the role but she rejected it. The popular character was played by Lisa Kudrow.

Ellen DeGeneres didn’t refuse ‘Friends’ role

But during her interview on The Howard Stern Show, DeGeneres said that the rumors are untrue. According to The Blast, the comedian also said that she cannot refuse the role because it was never offered to her in the first place.

It is unclear why the rumors are making headlines again these days. But there’s simply no truth to them.

Ellen DeGeneres ‘bullies’ Meghan Markle

Another previous statement that DeGeneres made two years ago is making headlines this week. Before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot, DeGeneres said that the Duke of Sussex could’ve brought home $1 million if he chose a different briefcase model.

DeGeneres was referencing Markle’s job as a briefcase model in Deal or No Deal.

While on Ellen Show, DeGeneres also joked that Markle marrying Prince Harry meant that the public finally has someone from the inside. The private lives of the members of the royal family have remained private. And a lot of people are curious about what they do when they’re at home.

Ellen DeGeneres also revealed that she was the one that encouraged Markle to adopt her dog. And if it was not for her, the Suits alum wouldn’t have pushed through with her desire to adopt.

Markle and DeGeneres crossed paths at an animal shelter in the United States. And when the comedian saw the former actress with a dog, she said that she should bring the pooch home.

Portia de Rossi’s wife also urged Markle to invite her to her royal wedding in 2018. But the Duchess of Sussex didn’t.

DeGeneres’ comments about Markle didn’t sit well with a lot of people. In fact, she was accused of bullying Prince Harry’s wife.

Ellen and the case of making bad jokes

But according to CCN, to say that DeGeneres bullied Markle is just not right. After all, the joke that she made years ago may not have been offensive then. Otherwise, a lot of people would’ve called her out for it. It is only recently that DeGeneres is being criticized by the public.

The publication also said that what Ellen DeGeneres did was simply that she made a bad joke. But it wasn’t her intention to bully or offend Markle.

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