Ellen DeGeneres ‘rude,’ ‘bullied’ Chinese translator during guests’ interview on ‘Ellen Show’

Ellen DeGeneres has interviewed thousands of guests on Ellen Show. However, not all of her interviews are free from awkward moments.

In the wake of all the rumors surrounding Ellen DeGeneres, some of her most controversial interviews were also revisited.

Ellen DeGeneres rude towards Chinese translator on ‘Ellen Show’

Just recently, Gossip Cop compiled some of the comedian’s conversations with both her celebrity and non-celebrity guests. The rumor-debunking site said that some fans think that DeGeneres bullied some of her guests. She was also reportedly rude to some of them.

Whenever a Chinese guest appears on Ellen Show, DeGeneres would call in a female translator for help. However, DeGeneres has, reportedly, been rude towards the young Chinese translator.

Ellen DeGeneres talks to Lil’ Mushroom

Two years ago, DeGeneres invited dancer Lil’ Mushroom to her show. The Beijing native performed live for the guests. After her performance, she sat down with DeGeneres and the Chinese translator.

Portia de Rossi’s wife asked Lil’ Mushroom about the Panda Express that she gave to her during her previous visit to Ellen Show. The translator translated DeGeneres’ words so that Lil’ Mushroom could understand it.

And she also helped translate Lil’ Mushroom’s response so that DeGeneres could understand the young girl.

But after the Chinese translator asked Lil’ Mushroom another question, DeGeneres cut her off by saying that the translation seemed a little too long.

Ellen DeGeneres talks to Lil' Mushroom

DeGeneres asked Lil’ Mushroom if they celebrate Halloween in China. The Chinese translator asked Lil’ Mushroom a lengthy question in Chinese, and DeGeneres said that her question was much shorter than what the translator is saying.

“Sorry, repeated Halloween twice,” the translator said while laughing.

“You can ask her if she enjoyed Halloween,” DeGeneres instructed the translator.

Lil’ Mushroom gave a hilarious response about dressing up as a demon. But when the Chinese translator told DeGeneres what the young girl’s answer was, she accused her of leaving some things out.

DeGeneres told the translator that it seemed that Lil’ Mushroom said that she also scared the scary characters on Halloween. And when the translator tried asking Lil’ Mushroom about it, the comedian cut her off again.

The Ellen Show host said that there’s no need to ask Lil’ Mushroom the same question because she already answered.

Feng E returns to ‘Ellen Show’

Last year, DeGeneres also interviewed Taiwanese ukulele prodigy Feng E. The funny woman asked Feng E what else he wants to learn because he is already good at playing the ukulele and the electric guitar.

The Chinese translator asked the guest another lengthy question in Chinese. DeGeneres cut her off by saying that she only asked her to translate one question.

“I don’t know what you’re telling him, but just ask him what I’m saying,” DeGeneres said.

The Chinese translator apologized to the host before translating a much shorter sentence.

“See? That was that short,” Ellen DeGeneres said.

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