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Ellen DeGeneres rumors: Host not wearing ankle monitor, on house arrest


Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey recently made headlines amid claims that they are wearing ankle monitors and are on house arrest.

However, it can be surmised that the rumors about Ellen DeGeneres and Winfrey are nothing more than just that.

Ellen DeGeneres not wearing an ankle monitor

Last week, Ellen DeGeneres phoned Courteney Cox during an episode of the Ellen Show. During their conversation, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the comedian’s bottoms are ruffled around the ankle area.

They immediately claimed that Portia de Rossi’s wife is wearing an ankle monitor and she’s also on house arrest. And they also started spreading a conspiracy theory suggesting that powerful celebrities are a part of a child sex trafficking ring.

However, a closer look at DeGeneres’ jogging pants won’t show her wearing an ankle monitor. This is because she isn’t wearing one. DeGeneres isn’t also a part of a child sex trafficking ring.

Ellen DeGeneres opens up about sexual assault experience

Years ago, DeGeneres was sexually assaulted by her mom’s boyfriend. And the traumatic experience isn’t something that she would want other young girls to go through.

During her interview on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, DeGeneres talked about her harrowing experience. When she was just 15 or 16, her mother’s boyfriend touched DeGeneres’ breasts following her mom’s cancer diagnosis.

“I didn’t know about bodies. I don’t know that breasts are all different. Anyway, he convinced me that he needs to feel my breasts and then he tries to do it again another time, and then another time he tries to break my door down and I kicked the window out and ran because I knew it was going to go more to something,” Ellen DeGeneres said.

Oprah Winfrey denies getting arrested

There are also claims that Winfrey was on house arrest. And that just like DeGeneres, she was also wearing an ankle monitor.

The talk show host shared a video of herself cooking pasta. And eagle-eyed viewers were convinced that she was wearing something around her ankle. However, this isn’t accurate either.

In March, Winfrey debunked the claims by saying that she was not arrested. She’s just staying at home and quarantining like everyone else.

“Just got a phone call that my name is trending. And being trolled for some awful FAKE thing. It’s NOT TRUE. Haven’t been raided, or arrested. Just sanitizing and self-distancing with the rest of the world. Stay safe everybody,” she tweeted.

Ellen DeGeneres and Winfrey are both staying at home tending to their respective lives. And these unfounded claims about them should be taken with a grain of salt.

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