Ellen DeGeneres: ‘it felt good’ to make employee ‘cry like a baby’; fans react

Ellen DeGeneres said 'it felt good' to make her employee 'cry like a baby', fans react

Ellen DeGeneres may have just confirmed the allegations saying that she’s a mean girl who enjoys making her employees feel bad.

In 2009, Ellen DeGeneres posted a cryptic tweet saying that she made one of her employees cry like a baby. The comedian then said that it honestly felt good.

Ellen DeGeneres made an employee cry

Back then, DeGeneres’ fans saw her cryptic post as a joke. And they didn’t also think that there was something wrong happening on the set of Ellen Show.

But 11 years after the comedian posted the tweet, it was revealed that there’s a toxic work environment on Ellen Show. Three producers have also been fired but not DeGeneres.

Ellen’s tweet receives varied reactions

After her tweet surfaced, thousands of people reacted to it on social media.

“I am strongly against cancel culture and bringing up old tweets, but given recent events, I think I can make an exception. Not only has Ellen not changed since then, but this tweet would have been just as bad then as it is now,” one person tweeted.

“Hating ellen isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. It’s art, the first gift you open on Xmas, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you need,” another person wrote.

Ellen DeGeneres' tweet receives varied reactions

Ellen DeGeneres fans defend her

However, more people came to DeGeneres’ defense. They said that the statement on making someone cry like a baby could be positive. Several others said that Ellen DeGeneres surprised her employee with a fully paid cruise that’s why she cried like a baby.

“I’m not defending anyone, but context matters, finding a tweet from 2009, and putting it in today’s context looks bad! But it also could have been, an employee celebrated something on the show and cried of joy I’ve seen many quote tweets for this today, that’s why I’m chiming in,” one fan wrote.

“This is a 2009 tweet & the employee cried because Ellen gifted her the vacation she wanted – fully paid!” another fan explained.

“She gave the employee a cruise. The employee cried,” another fan said.

“This needs clarification. Tears of happiness or tears of sadness/anger/fear I bet it was happy or nostalgic tears coz it occurred on the show on TV. It might be a good idea to ask Ellen and the employee before jumping to conclusions. Is it possible to watch that episode?” another person said.

Ellen DeGeneres has not responded to the recent backlash.

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