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Ellen DeGeneres seething at Portia, refuses to have baby with her: rumor


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have spoken candidly about why they don’t have kids.

During their joint and separate interviews, Ellen DeGeneres and de Rossi both made it clear that they didn’t want to have children.

The Scandal star told Out that she and her wife are on the same page when it comes to having kids.

“You have to really want to have kids and neither of us did,” de Rossi said.

Does Ellen DeGeneres secretly desire to have a baby with Portia de Rossi?

However, Star claims to know what’s inside DeGeneres’ heart. The tabloid claimed that the Ellen Show host wants to have a baby with de Rossi. However, she’s simply not making any public admission.

“Ellen will never admit it publicly, but she wants a child, and they supposedly agreed that Portia would carry the baby instead of them adopting. Portia keeps changing her mind and has told Ellen she doesn’t want to be pregnant because she’s terrified of the effect on her body,” the unnamed source said, as per Star.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly wants her wife to carry their baby

The insider said that it’s quite surprising that DeGeneres is insisting that her wife carry their child when she knows that de Rossi suffered from eating disorders in the past. According to the source, the comedian can be a little bit more sympathetic.

“Ellen’s telling people Portia’s mood swings are draining and distracting. Sometimes she feels as if Portia is a child she’s being forced to take care of,” the source said.

The source then claimed that de Rossi doesn’t do well with stress. And since her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres is, allegedly, causing her anxiety, she wants out.

Baby rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. DeGeneres and de Rossi aren’t having issues with their baby-making plans because they don’t have any.

Even DeGeneres’ mom, Betty DeGeneres, is aware that her daughter and daughter-in-law won’t have kids. During a previous interview, Betty said that the comedian has far too much class to become a parent.

It is also untrue that the couple is having marital problems. And it is unlikely that DeGeneres is triggering her wife’s health issues. After all, the Ally McBeal alum previously said that DeGeneres was one of the people that helped her through her eating disorders.

DeGeneres and de Rossi also have a lot of fun when they’re together. And they are not close to divorcing.

“It’s corny, but Portia’s my soulmate. She’s my everything, and I don’t know what I’d do without her,” Ellen DeGeneres said.

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