Ellen DeGeneres sending ‘message of arrogance’ by not apologizing to former staff

Ellen DeGeneres sending 'message of arrogance' by not apologizing to former staff

Ellen DeGeneres is encouraged to issue an apology to former staff and the other people that criticized her and the producers of Ellen Show for their behavior.

While speaking with In Touch Weekly, Eric Schiffer, the chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, said that the silence of Ellen DeGeneres amid the criticisms isn’t sitting well with a lot of people.

“Ellen slithering away sends a message of arrogance that is stone-cold crazy for any celebrity and effectively decapitates a brand. She must own her problems by showing through action that she got the message,” he said.

Ellen DeGeneres should issue an apology to her former staff

Schiffer said that DeGeneres’ apology should mention that she doesn’t tolerate any kind of negative behavior on her show.

“Take sensitivity training and show real changes to her staff and the world. None of which she’s really doing at the moment,” he said.

The comedian needs to take some responsibility for the criticisms

The comedian needs to take some responsibility for the criticisms

The expert also said that he doesn’t think DeGeneres would issue an apology anytime soon. But when the time comes, the comedian should take responsibility and be transparent.

“When you present an image to the public that is inconsistent with who you may really be, it causes you to lose trust because there’s a need for consistency, and she needs to align her brand with where she is at, or she’s going to face continued challenges. She can also rectify the inconsistencies, but it requires her to crack out of this current state and not blame her staff for all of it,” he said.

More Ellen DeGeneres work, marriage rumors

Before 10 former employees of Ellen Show came forward, Ellen DeGeneres was already receiving tons of criticisms herself.

Some people claimed that Portia de Rossi’s wife is cold, mean, and demeaning. Others said that they could not talk to the host before they go on Ellen Show.

Other critics said that they almost lost their jobs because of DeGeneres. Still, others said that DeGeneres has terrible mood swings, so everyone needs to walk on eggshells when they’re around her.

Her wife was also linked to all the criticisms. Multiple tabloids have been claiming that de Rossi is at the receiving end of DeGeneres’ bad behavior. And because of this, the couple is, allegedly, on the brink of a divorce.

However, not all the claims surrounding DeGeneres are true. She and de Rossi are still together. And they will be celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary next month.

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