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Ellen DeGeneres, Sharon Osbourne, Chris Harrison canceled by Hollywood?


Ellen DeGeneres, Sharon Osbourne, and Chris Harrison have, allegedly, been canceled by Hollywood because of the controversies that they are involved in.

Last year, Ellen DeGeneres was accused of being a mean girl amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Harrison, Sharon Osbourne criticized

Back then, a slew of people came forward to air their grievances against the comedian. And at one point, some of her former staff members also came forward.

DeGeneres was also accused of bullying her staff, making fun of them, and having outrageous demands.

And just recently, Bachelor host Chris Harrison was also plagued with criticisms after she seeming defended one of the contestant’s acts of racism.

Harrison announced shortly after that he will no longer be returning for the final role of The Bachelor.

And just two weeks ago, Osbourne followed in the footsteps of DeGeneres and Harrison when she defended her friend, Piers Morgan after he criticized Meghan Markle.

Sharon Osbourne paints herself as a victim

Now, Star is accusing the veteran host of portraying herself as a victim because when she was asked if she would return to The Talk, she said that she doesn’t know if she’s still wanted there.

“There’s a collective relief that the network is taking the allegations seriously and hopefully getting to the bottom of it instead of letting the toxicity continue,” the source said.

When it comes to Harrison, the source said that the host is paying the price for making remarks that are wholly out of place in the current climate.

“The jury’s out as to whether he can get back to the level he was at before this scandal,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres still worried about her reputation

And with regards to Ellen DeGeneres, the source said that there are still some lingering concerns that the previous backlash damaged the comedian’s reputation for good.

“She’s being more mindful about who she hires and how she talks to people. A lot of stars in Hollywood are nervously hoping their past doesn’t come back to haunt them. Their livelihoods are at stake,” the source said.

While it is true that Ellen DeGeneres, Harrison, and Osbourne were involved in major controversies, it is not true that they’ve been banished from Hollywood.

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