Ellen DeGeneres shock: 60 percent of her income comes from advertisers

Ellen DeGeneres shock: 60 percent of her income comes from advertisers

Ellen DeGeneres continues to receive a steady income amid the coronavirus pandemic because of her work and her advertisers.

According to CCN, 60 percent of what Ellen DeGeneres gets annually, reportedly, comes from advertisers that she has partnered with for a long time.

Ellen DeGeneres criticisms

The publication has been criticizing the comedian for months. And they recently said that DeGeneres is not really that generous.

After all, 60 percent of what the Ellen Show makes, reportedly, goes straight to her pocket.

Comedian’s estimated net worth

According to Forbes, DeGeneres’ net worth is, reportedly, estimated at $87.5 million and the $20 million, reportedly, came from her stand-up special on Netflix. CCN then looked into the $67.5 million of the funny woman that hasn’t been accounted for.

“DeGeneres, who has been among the highest-paid celebrities for a decade, still earns more than half of her cash from her daily talk show, thanks to a shrewd business deal that has her getting about 60 percent of profits from advertising, carrying fees, and product placement,” the publication said.

Ellen DeGeneres partnered with several advertisers

Ellen DeGeneres partnered with several advertisers

Some of the companies that DeGeneres has partnered with include Shutterfly, Geico, Scotch Tape, and Bubly.

CCN didn’t also waste time in reminding the public about the mean girl allegations surrounding Ellen DeGeneres. They said that now is the time for the advertisers to cut ties with the comedian due to her “disgusting behavior.”

Mean girl criticisms

Earlier this year, reports claimed that DeGeneres is not as kind and as nice as she seems to be on television. Several people came forward to share their negative experiences with Portia de Rossi’s wife.

As of late, DeGeneres has not yet responded to the criticisms. And it is unclear if she ever will. After all, DeGeneres is busy hosting The Ellen Show from the comfort of her own home.

Ellen DeGeneres helped Portia de Rossi during her darkest days

Before the mean girl allegations surfaced, DeGeneres made headlines because of how she supported her wife during de Rossi’s struggles.

In the book Unbearable Lightness, de Rossi revealed that she suffered from bulimia and anorexia. She also went to rehab to seek treatment for her eating disorder.

Shortly after, she met DeGeneres for the first time. But it took the couple a few more years before they acted on their feelings for each other.

The Scandal star revealed that she was 168 pounds when Ellen DeGeneres met her. And the comedian made her feel loved and appreciated so she decided to treat herself better.

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