Ellen DeGeneres should issue ‘heartfelt’ apology when she returns to ‘Ellen Show’

Ellen DeGeneres should issue 'heartfelt' apology when she returns to 'Ellen Show'

Ellen DeGeneres recently apologized to her former and current staff amid toxic work environment claims on Ellen Show.

However, a lot of people criticized DeGeneres’ apology by saying that it didn’t sound sincere. Now, brand expert Eric Schiffer has a suggestion that may benefit Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres apology criticized

While speaking with News.co.au, Schiffer first shared his thoughts regarding the comedian’s previous apology. He described it as “wretchedly weak” and said that it lacked total truth.

It also seemed as though DeGeneres refused to take full responsibility for her part in the issue. And instead, she pointed the finger at her staff.

Schiffer said that DeGeneres’ apology sounded like she was escaping accountability instead of showing her compassion. The brand expert also said that the apology came a bit too late.

Will the ‘Ellen Show’ host issue another apology?

Today, DeGeneres has been staying at home with her wife, Portia de Rossi. Next month, she will return to host Ellen Show.

Schiffer said that this might be the perfect venue for the comedian to issue a more heartfelt apology.

Ellen DeGeneres ego is too big so she won't quit

Ellen DeGeneres ego is too big so she won’t quit

He also reacted to the rumors that DeGeneres could publicly announce that she will be quitting Ellen Show. However, Schiffer doesn’t think that this will happen.

“Ellen’s mammoth ego is too gigantic for her to quit. She is betting on Hollywood greed from her cash cow counting friends at Warner Bros who will test the waters and hope advertisers don’t face well-organized boycotts that nuke her into a Warner memory,” the source said.

Schiffer doesn’t also think that DeGeneres’ reputation can recover from the recent criticisms fully.

“With the enormity of press for weeks on end, it’s near impossible to not have any brand lacerated into bits. She remains at the center of a diabolical bubble of horrible Hollywood conduct and her reputation is forever damaged. For 20 years, she built an empire of positivity and kindness. Ellen’s empire is now a foundation of reports of toxicity, racism, and sexual misconduct. Ellen may go down in history as one of the single biggest frauds in modern celebrity history,” he said.

Portia, Ellen’s marriage

Other than her professional career, there are also some concerns regarding DeGeneres and de Rossi’s marriage. There are claims that the couple could end up divorcing because de Rossi could no longer stand her wife.

However, this is one rumor that the tabloids haven’t been right about. De Rossi continues to support Ellen DeGeneres amid all the allegations.

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