‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ will continue amid controversies, EP assures

Ellen DeGeneres Show is not going off-air amid the string of controversies plaguing the host and the show, according to one of its executive producers.

Ellen DeGeneres is staying as well on her show amid fears that the host might quit, and the show would be canceled. So, staffers should not worry about their jobs.

Ellen DeGeneres Show EP released a statement about the show’s future

A few weeks back, several former employees and one current staffer came forward and complained about the show’s toxic workplace. According to them, the working environment was unhealthy.

WarnerMedia responded by subjecting the long-time running show to an internal investigation. NBC News confirmed that a memo was sent to the staff informing them that they would be interviewed about the various issues in the workplace.

However, many feared that the show would be axed for good. One fan of EP Andy Lassner was concerned about his employment. The netizen admitted that she had stopped watching the show due to various allegations and hoped that Lassner could find a new job soon because his Twitter account always made her laugh.

Lassner responded and set the record straight about the future of the show. On the contrary to what the fan believed, the Ellen Show will continue.

“Nobody is going off the air,” Lassner replied on Twitter.

Staffers share the same concern

Aside from fans, the staff of The Ellen DeGeneres Show was also concerned about the future of the show. If the Ellen Show were canceled, they would lose their jobs.

An insider stepped forward and claimed that the employees were already freaking out about the issue.

“Staffers are texting and calling each other freaking out as they fear Ellen [DeGeneres] will quit or that the show will be cancelled,” an insider told Us Weekly.

“The show feels done. It’s going to be very hard to turn this around.”

Ellen’s contract wouldn’t make it easy to end the show

Even if there are a lot of controversies, it is easier for both Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros. to continue the show. An insider claimed that Ellen is mean, but it wouldn’t be easy for the latter to let her go. The production has to face a big legal battle if they do so.

“Everybody knows Ellen is mean and incredibly difficult. Now that Warners has launched an investigation, there are a lot of employees coming forward with accounts they can’t ignore,” an insider told Page Six.

“This puts Warners in a difficult position contractually with Ellen — they put hundreds of millions of dollars into their deal with her. If they decide they want her out — which looks increasingly likely — this will be a big legal problem. Plus, she’d never leave without her reputation intact.”

The insider added that DeGeneres is someone that is not easy to replace. However, there are rumors that James Corden will be replacing her.

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