Ellen DeGeneres slammed for dressing up as superhero: ‘The absolute nerve’

Ellen DeGeneres slammed for dressing up as superhero: 'The absolute nerve'

Ellen DeGeneres dressed up as a nurse for the spooky season, but many were not impressed with her choice of costume.

Ellen DeGeneres paid tribute to the nurses by dressing up as one with a superman logo, suggesting that nurses are superheroes. Many were impressed with DeGeneres’ costume. However, several also slammed The Ellen DeGeneres Show host because, for them, she doesn’t deserve to be a superhero.

Ellen DeGeneres nurse costume criticized

Ellen DeGeneres decided to pay tribute to the frontliners, especially the nurses by dressing up as one for Halloween. But many reacted negatively because nurses are real-life superheroes, and for the critics, DeGeneres isn’t.

“The absolute nerve of @TheEllenShow dressing up as a superhero!! You are the worst of the worst! You are a bully and you are all that is evil in this world! Shame on you!!!” one tweeted.

“Ellen is DEFINITELY NOT a SuperHero!! Just ask her employees!!” another commented.

Another subtly shaded the talk show host by saying that the real superheroes are those “people who treat their staff well.”

“People who treat their employees with basic dignity? Costume is so good you almost had me fooled,” another commented.

Other reactions

Meanwhile, many were happy to see Ellen DeGeneres dressing up as a nurse because, for them, it’s high time to recognize the nurses. That’s why many thanked DeGeneres for recognizing the nurses.

“Great Halloween Costume @TheEllenShow sure knows how to have fun!!!! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Ellen & friends,” one commented.

Several nurses also shared a selfie in the comment section while wearing a face mask and thanked DeGeneres for dressing up as one of them. Another said DeGeneres’ wearing a nurse costume brought tears to her eyes, and she thanked the host.

DeGeneres controversy revisited

Doctors and nurses are only among the few front-liners who have shown their dedication and passion in what they do at the heights of the pandemic. They put their lives at risk for the safety of the majority; that’s why seeing DeGeneres in a nurse costume had been touching and moving to many.

But those critics focused on the host’s recent controversy. Several former and current staffers of The Ellen DeGeneres show came forward in July and complained about the toxic workplace.

Many claimed that DeGeneres was difficult to work with and wasn’t really approachable. There were also allegations about her being mean. Many of the staff members said despite the show’s “kindness” mantra, they never felt it. There were also a number of complaints against its producers.

DeGeneres already apologized and promised to take more responsibility because the show uses her name.


Image used courtesy of TheTalko/YouTube Screenshot

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