Ellen DeGeneres slammed on Twitter: ‘Only sorry because you got called out’

Ellen DeGeneres slammed on Twitter: 'Only sorry because you got called out'

Ellen DeGeneres has returned on TV for The Ellen DeGeneres Show season 18, but her return was met with criticisms from some Twitter users.

Ellen DeGeneres is back, and her fans are happy, but her critics are not. On the premiere episode of the Ellen show, the host addressed the controversy surrounding the show.

A few months ago, several former and current employees complained about the alleged “toxic workplace” on set. However, some viewers were not satisfied with her explanation.

Ellen De Generes criticized after TV return

Ellen DeGeneres has remained strong and maintained her bubbly attitude when she returned on the Ellen show. DeGeneres apologized and said that they are starting a new chapter. However, some didn’t find her apology sincere.

“Ohh look out ..the old wolf in sheep’s clothing is back.. you haven’t changed at all …. your only sorry caus you got called out,” one commented.

Another user said DeGeneres should address her actual actions and not generalize the issue on the whole show. The same source alleged that the issue on the production was a result of DeGeneres’ toxic actions.

“I do believe she can fool us all every day – she did it just now,” @ctaylor1109 wrote.

“It would of been more powerful without the jokes …. it really brought your message down! It was a time for being serious and it making fun of things!” another added.

DeGeneres’ fans defended her

Despite the backlash Ellen DeGeneres receives from her critics, her ardent supporters remain by her side to defend her.

One addressed the jokes in her speech and said it only made the host’s speech more real because that was the real her. DeGeneres loves to joke, and in her apology, she didn’t come out with a facade and act like someone she’s not.

Another fan left a warm message for the host. According to Susan Branscome, she never doubted DeGeneres. She cheered up the host by reminding her not to let the thugs get her down because they are mean, faceless, and cowards.

Branscome added that she appreciates DeGeneres’ kindness, transparency, heart, and humor. So she hoped DeGeneres would stay strong.

Another said she was emotional with Ellen DeGeneres’ return while adding that she felt bad for the host for the criticisms she received. The netizen reminded the others that no one is perfect, and everyone makes a poor and awful decision from time to time, but it should not be enough to “assassinate someone else’s good character and write them off completely.”


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