Ellen DeGeneres slammed over ‘awkward,’ ‘comedic undertones’ of her apology on ‘Ellen Show’

Ellen DeGeneres slammed over 'awkward,' 'comedic undertones' of her apology on 'Ellen Show'

Ellen DeGeneres is still receiving criticisms after she apologized to former Ellen Show staff amid claims that there’s a toxic work environment on set.

While the issues have seemingly simmered down, Gogglebox Australia stars just weighed in on the comedian’s apology. And most of them said that Ellen DeGeneres seemed awkward while talking to her audiences.

“It undermines the meaning of the apology when you’re just cracking jokes,” Millie Dalton said.

“I feel awkward, I feel awkward watching it… I don’t know if I buy it. Actions speak louder than words,” Chantal Bakac said.

“This is super awkward, knowing everyone is watching and hating you, then you have to get up there to apologize and you’re obviously not really sorry,” Matty Fahd added.

“She’s not addressing the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of workplace complaints about her being nasty. When not one but 300 people complain, maybe there’s a smell there,” Matt Dalton said.

Ellen DeGeneres jokes about eye contact claims 

Ellen jokes about eye contact claims

DeGeneres has apologized to her former staff and fans publicly at least twice. And one of her apologies took place during a staff meeting held before the premiere of Ellen Show.

During a recent episode, Ellen DeGeneres also made fun of some of the allegations directed against her. While talking to Tiffany Haddish, Portia de Rossi’s wife joked about not wanting to stare at the comedian.

Weeks ago, there were allegations that DeGeneres doesn’t want it when her staff and fans look her straight in the eye. A source revealed that the comedian also addressed this issue during the staff meeting. DeGeneres, reportedly, wondered where the rumor is coming from because it’s just not true.

As of late, DeGeneres hasn’t addressed the other allegations against her. For instance, she has was dubbed as a mean girl last summer. Some of the people that she previously encountered complained about almost getting fired or of being bullied by DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres mean, a bully towards celebrities and non-celebrities

However, DeGeneres wasn’t only mean to non-celebrities. There are reports that the comedian is also mean to her fellow A-listers. For instance, she previously forced Mariah Carey to confirm her pregnancy on Ellen Show. But the singer just suffered a miscarriage before she went on the program.

DeGeneres also forced Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to confirm their relationship. But the comedian wasn’t successful.

Ellen DeGeneres also previously questioned by Dakota Johnson didn’t invite her to the actress’s birthday. But the Fifty Shades of Grey star reminded that comedian that she actually sent her an invite. It was DeGeneres that refused to attend the celebration.

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