Ellen DeGeneres stops wearing her wedding ring amid Portia divorce rumors

Ellen DeGeneres stops wearing her wedding ring amid Portia divorce rumors

Ellen DeGeneres, allegedly, stopped wearing her wedding ring amid rumors that she and Portia de Rossi are getting a divorce.

National Enquirer claimed that Ellen DeGeneres didn’t wear her ring during a previous outing in Beverly Hills. And the only reason why she went out without the jewelry is that she’s having issues with her wife.

However, it is important to note that there are several reasons why DeGeneres didn’t wear her ring during a previous outing. And not wearing the jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean that she and de Rossi are splitting.

Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi allegedly divorcing

Still, an unnamed source told the tabloid that there’s trouble in paradise between the couple.

“Ellen and Portia are living in separate homes because that’s the only way they can have some peace and quiet. When they do speak, it often ends up in an argument. Ellen has stopped wearing her ring except when she’s on camera, and Portia has also neglected to wear hers at times,” the unnamed source said, as per National Enquirer.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly refuses to talk to her wife

The insider said that The Ellen Show tends to isolate herself after she gets home from work. Instead of hanging out with de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres, allegedly, stays in her room, turns off her phone, and refuses to talk to anyone.

“Portia is extremely sensitive. She feels every slight, every nuance, and she’s become increasingly lonely in Ellen’s presence. She’s telling friends she had to get away, and she fled to one of the residences Ellen had bought to remodel and flip. The place has four bedrooms and eight bathrooms, so Portia can have her friends stay over and do whatever she wants,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly refuses to talk to her wife 

Portia de Rossi could allegedly get a generous spousal support post-divorce

According to the source, things have become so bad for DeGeneres and de Rossi that the latter could file for divorce from her wife. And in return, the Scandal star could, allegedly, get a huge settlement and spousal support.

However, the funny woman, allegedly, insists that she’s the dominant one in their marriage. As such, she’s, allegedly, the one that calls the shots. De Rossi, on the other hand, allegedly, just follows whatever her wife wants.

But the insider said that if DeGeneres will agree to divorce de Rossi, it could be very costly for her.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Ellen DeGeneres and de Rossi aren’t divorcing.

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