Ellen DeGeneres struggles with body image, always covers neck: rumor

Ellen DeGeneres struggles with body image, always covers her neck: rumor

Ellen DeGeneres, allegedly, struggles with her body image.

According to Us Weekly, Ellen DeGeneres wants to look youthful on the Ellen Show. As such, she relies heavily on makeup.

A photo of DeGeneres with sagging skin around her neck was published by the tabloid. They said that DeGeneres is conscious about her neck that’s why she always wants to cover it.

‘Ellen Show’ is allegedly not as cozy at it seems

At present, DeGeneres is hosting the Ellen Show at the comfort of her own home. But even though viewers tend to see the host’s home looking cozy as ever, behind closed doors things aren’t as warm as they seem to be.

A source said that DeGeneres is not also warm towards her staff.

“She has no respect for those who literally clean up her mess. She’ll fire you on the spot if you upset her,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that DeGeneres doesn’t like talking to people that have stinky breaths. However, she also cannot stand people that chew gum. Whenever she sees someone chewing gum, she, allegedly, freaks out.

Ellen DeGeneres has allegedly changed

According to the source, the funny woman has changed drastically over the years.

“Ellen has a gift – she makes people laugh. But over the years, she’s changed. Maybe the fame and fortune have gone to her head or she’s finally just showing her true colors. I can only tell you what I know from experience: Ellen isn’t that nice,” the source said.

 Comedian treats Portia de Rossi like gold

Comedian treats Portia de Rossi like gold

But through all the criticisms that she has been receiving, her wife Portia de Rossi continues to stay by her side.

The source said that Ellen DeGeneres usually treats de Rossi like gold. And she’s usually affectionate, kind, and patient with the Scandal actress.

Marital problem rumors

However, this statement doesn’t seem to coincide with the other tabloids’ claims that DeGeneres is quite mean to her wife of 12 years.

According to Globe, the mean girl comments surrounding DeGeneres is causing a strain in her marriage to de Rossi.

The host has allegedly been snapping at her wife at home because she’s generally stressed with what’s going on in her life.

“Before all this, they were doing a lot better, but this has really knocked the stuffing out of Ellen. What she needs – besides solving this work mess ASAP – is a nice, long vacation or time off to take stock of her life and fully calm down,” the source said.

However, Ellen DeGeneres and de Rossi silenced their critics this week after they engaged in a public display of affection.

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