Ellen DeGeneres suffered ‘severe depression’ after being bullied for coming out

Ellen DeGeneres didn’t have it easy when she decided to come out as gay. She received intense criticisms that resulted in “severe depression.”

Ellen DeGeneres has been bullied lately due to her being mean. Some even called her the “Queen of Mean.” It isn’t the first time DeGeneres was bullied because she experienced the same when she publicly announced that she was a lesbian.

Ellen DeGeneres bullied and depressed

In 1997, Ellen DeGeneres decided to come out as gay bravely. However, the criticism she received was beyond measure that she slipped into a “severe depression.”

“The bullying I endured [in Hollywood] after I came out made up for the lack of it during my childhood,” the daytime talk show host said.

“I moved out of L.A., went into a severe depression, started seeing a therapist and had to go on antidepressants for the first time in my life.”

The Finding Dory star didn’t expect the backlash because, for her, she was the same person.

“It was scary and lonely. All I’d known for 30 years was work, and all of a sudden I had nothing. Plus, I was mad. It didn’t feel fair – I was the same person everyone had always known,” she added.

How did Ellen get over the bullying?

Ellen DeGeneres realized that she had to do something to regain herself. So, she decided to pick herself up and cope with the ordeal by engaging herself in healthy habits.

“Eventually I started meditating, working out and writing again, and I slowly started to climb out of it. I can’t believe I came back from that point. I can’t believe where my life is now,” DeGeneres continued.

“My motto is, ‘I do my best. You can be with me or not.”

Ellen after coming out

Ellen DeGeneres dated several women after coming out. However, she found her forever in her current wife, Portia de Rossi.

Ellen and Portia have been married for over a decade already. Their relationship has been plagued with various rumors, but the two remain solid.

Several tabloids claimed that they had marital problems and were splitting. One outlet even claimed that DeGeneres splurged de Rossi with presents so the latter would not leave her.

On the contrary, Ellen said they do not fight. She also stressed that they were compatible. They think the same.

Also, amid the backlash, DeGeneres received for allegedly being mean, de Rossi decided to stay. Although the Scandal star has not publicly spoken up for her wife, the host remains grateful to Portia for staying.

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