Ellen DeGeneres to quit ‘Ellen Show’ in 2022 but not due to ‘mean girl’ criticisms?

Ellen DeGeneres to quit 'Ellen Show' in 2022 but not due to 'mean girl' criticisms?

Ellen DeGeneres will, allegedly, quit the Ellen Show in 2022 but not because of the mean girl criticisms thrown her way.

According to National Enquirer, the contract of Ellen DeGeneres will expire in two years. And the comedian doesn’t have any plans to renew her contract. Portia de Rossi’s wife will, allegedly, return after Labor Day for her final season.

An unnamed source also told Straight Shuter that DeGeneres’ alleged decision not to renew her contract is strategic. After all, she knows when is the right time to say goodbye to her avid supporters.

“Ellen knows when to leave the party and after losing a million viewers, she realizes it will be time to say goodbye when her contract expires. She’s made more money than she can ever spend, and she’ll focus on new projects and passions like flipping houses. Maybe we’ll see her on HGTV,” the unnamed source said, as per Straight Shuter.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly looking for a replacement host

Rumors about DeGeneres quitting The Ellen Show have been rife for months. Tabloids have been claiming that the funny woman is already looking for a replacement to host her daytime program.

Some of the names being thrown around include Neil Patrick Harris, Ellie Kemper, Chrissy Teigen, and Kristen Bell.

Did Ellen DeGeneres cancel the 'Ellen Show' after June? 

Did Ellen DeGeneres cancel the ‘Ellen Show’ after June?

Earlier this month, Facebook users claimed that Ellen DeGeneres decided to cancel her talk show after her final June episode.

One DeGeneres critic uploaded a screenshot of the episodes of Ellen Show to show other users that the daytime program has been canceled. At the bottom of the snap, it says that the final episode aired on June 26.

However, a screenshot alone cannot prove that Ellen Show has been canceled. It is possible that the list of episodes hasn’t been updated yet.

Another Facebook user said that Ellen Show has been canceled. But the social media platform confirmed that this wasn’t the case.

“False information. Checked by independent fact-checkers,” the statement from Facebook read.

‘Ellen Show’ hasn’t been canceled amid host’s mean girl criticisms

DeGeneres continues to host The Ellen Show. And a spokesperson for the comedian’s production company told The New York Post that all cancelation rumors are false.

According to Forbes, it is unlikely for DeGeneres’ show to be canceled anytime soon. After all, the only way for it to be canceled is if producers will stop paying top dollar for the program.

Still, cancelation or not, Ellen DeGeneres continues to be criticized by her former staff and those people that have encountered her.

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