Ellen DeGeneres ‘touchy’ towards ‘Ellen Show’ staff, won’t fire anyone?

Ellen DeGeneres 'touchy' towards 'Ellen Show' staff, won't fire anyone?

Ellen DeGeneres has been accused of a lot of things, but there’s a new allegation surrounding the Ellen Show host.

In March, Ellen DeGeneres has been dubbed as one of the meanest people alive by comedian Kevin T. Porter. A former employee on the Ellen Show called her a phony after she apologized for the alleged toxic work environment on her program.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly so touchy that she has her staff walking on eggshells

This week, Globe claimed that DeGeneres is rude and so touchy towards her staff that she has them walking on eggshells.

Despite all the criticisms, an Ellen Show employee told Us Weekly that no one will be fired from the show.

“The producers ultimately said we all still have a job and will get paid. They said Ellen isn’t giving up, and the show will go on – that she brings so much joy to the people that it would break a lot of hearts to stop doing this show. It was a pep talk, and it made some staffers feel better,” the source said.

Does Ellen DeGeneres feel betrayed?

Does Ellen DeGeneres feel betrayed?

However, DeGeneres isn’t feeling any better amid the criticisms. A source said that the comedian is upset that a lot of people have come forward to share their negative stories.

“She feels betrayed. Ellen feels that her success makes her a target. She knows she can be tough at times but believes that she works hard and is extremely creative,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston supports Ellen but hasn’t posted anything about the comedian

As of late, a slew of people has already come to DeGeneres’ defense. Portia de Rossi, Jay Leno, Diane Keaton all posted about the comedian on their social media accounts.

Jennifer Aniston, Mario Lopez, and Justin Timberlake haven’t publicly said anything in support of DeGeneres. But the source said that they all have her back.

“They know Ellen can be tough, but accept that about her and know that it takes a lot of work to run a tight ship like her show. They get it. Ellen’s nice to her guests and fans. But with her staff and employees, she has extremely high standards,” the source said.

The heads of the show confirmed that Ellen DeGeneres would return to hosting Ellen Show next month. The comedian isn’t also quitting, and the talk show won’t get canceled contrary to rumors.

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