Ellen DeGeneres wants plastic surgery after workplace scandal rumor debunked

Ellen DeGeneres wants plastic surgery after workplace scandal rumor debunked

Ellen DeGeneres was allegedly considering a number of cosmetic procedures because the workplace scandal aged her.

Ellen DeGeneres was subjected to numerous controversies in the past months. The Ellen host first made headlines for allegedly being mean. After a few months, several former and present staffers came forward and complained about the alleged toxic workplace. All of these incidents reportedly made her look stressed and older, so she wanted plastic surgery.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly considering cosmetic procedures

Globe published a report claiming that Ellen DeGeneres was planning to undergo a number of cosmetic surgeries because the scandal made an “ugly impact” on her. The tabloid described the host as “scandal savaged” and quoted an insider saying DeGeneres looked haggard even with makeup.

The anonymous insider went on and claimed that Portia de Rossi’s wife made appointments with dermatologists and surgeons. DeGeneres allegedly wanted to have botox fillers, face-lift, eye-lift, and surgery to tighten her neck.

Money is not an issue, and Portia is supportive of her wife, the source added.

Surgery rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report for several reasons. First, the rumor-debunking site checked with a source close to the situation who just laughed off the report.

Second, the report was not new. The outlet reported the same plot in 2018, claiming that Ellen DeGeneres had spent $1 million on plastic surgery to keep Portia de Rossi from divorcing her.

The tabloid used DeGeneres’ unflattering photos to make it look like she needed surgery. However, the TV host looked like her usual herself; she never looked different at all.

Also, the outlet has a reputation for publishing false rumors about DeGeneres. A few months back, it claimed that DeGeneres was jealous of Portia de Rossi’s potential cooking show. Gossip Cop also debunked the report because there was no credible source about the cooking show.

Portia de Rossi applauds Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s marriage has been subjected to non-stop split and divorce rumors. However, all of those claims are false.

Portia has never left her wife’s side. In fact, she was there when DeGeneres filmed the premiere episode of Ellen show season 18. Portia and the crew applauded the host for the way she handled the controversies.

The Scandal star is not outspoken when it comes to supporting DeGeneres. But a few months ago, she took to Instagram and posted a message that read “I Stand By Ellen.”

Another source also told Us Weekly that DeGeneres was grateful to have de Rossi in her life as her “soulmate and sounding board.”


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