Ellen Pompeo, Chris Ivery’s marriage coming to end rumor debunked

Ellen Pompeo's marriage to Chris Ivery coming to end rumor debunked

Ellen Pompeo’s marriage was allegedly on the rocks and was coming to an end, according to a tabloid.

Ellen Pompeo has kept her relationship with her husband, record producer Chris Ivery, private. However, one outlet claimed that their marriage was heading to splitsville. Check out the truth.

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery marital crisis rumor

The Grey’s Anatomy star and the record producer’s marriage was ending, OK! reported last year. The tabloid quoted an unnamed insider who claimed to have heard “whispers” about the couple’s relationship.

“The truth is, they grew apart and have seemingly been living separate lives for a while,” the anonymous insider said.

“Chris and Ellen were an odd match from the start,” the source added.

The insider noted that Pompeo is one of the highest paid actresses on TV. Her husband allegedly has unsteady feelings about it. The source claimed that Ivery had issues with Pompeo’s success and career.

The tipster added that Ivery would come on the set and hover when she had a sexy scene. Pompeo would try to make excuses for him, but he was not at ease with it, the insider continued.

According to the outlet, the couple is worth around $85 million. They also share three children together, who reminded them to be “play nice.”

The source also said that Pompeo and Ivery are devoted to their kids and are committed to co-parenting.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop examined the report and disagreed with it. The outlet noted that the notion about Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery being an odd match from the start and the producer being jealous of his wife for making more money are insulting.

A source close to Pompeo also denied the report to Gossip Cop saying it was false. It has been over a year since the report was published and the couple is still together with their children.

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery do not express their love in public or on social media. However, they are not on any romantic life support. In fact, they were photographed hiking in Los Angeles together earlier this month.

There is no doubt that Pompeo is one of the most popular actresses today that’s why she is also targeted by several tabloids. For instance, Globe claimed earlier that she was putting Grey’s Anatomy on life support by demanding a $5 million pay raise.

However, the series was already renewed for season 18. Also, Pompeo has also made it clear that she has no plans to leave the series.

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