Elon Musk calls out Amazon on COVID-19 book censorship


Tesla CEO Elon Musk takes his frustrations once again on Twitter after Amazon prohibited from selling a book about the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the SpaceX mission became a success earlier this year and Elon Musk just receiving his huge performance paycheck, the Tesla CEO goes back at it—this time replying to a tweet from a book author about his work being censored and he called out Jeff Bezos for it.

Unreported truths about the coronavirus sparked controversy

Some countries are being too relaxed with the ease of restrictions that some medical experts are claiming that the coronavirus has weakened.

Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, was infuriated the time he received the news from Amazon. He took a screenshot of the email he received and took it out on Twitter.

Perhaps one reason why his book was censored off Amazon at first was because of his contrarian beliefs on the coronavirus pandemic after this interview from Fox News last April.

However, since the reaction from Elon Musk exploded all over Twitter, it looks like Amazon eventually published the book on its marketplace. A lot of reviews have already been posted in the last 24 hours.

Most of the people who bought the book found it to be an eyeopener as they have also doubted the government because they have not been transparent about the coronavirus pandemic in terms of data and reporting.

One top review said that the book was “an antidote to panic” while others lauded Elon Musk for calling out Amazon. It looks like Berenson’s book was saved by one impactful tweet – coming from the CEO of Tesla.

Elon Musk’s strange remarks been sparking attention since then

This was not the first time that the Tesla CEO has gained Twitter attention. Reports from CNBC compiled some of his posts for the year.

His last viral tweet before the Bezos callout was about the Tesla stock price saying that it is “too high,” as per CNBC. Tesla at that time was reported to have a strong quarter which sent the stock price higher.

Musk has also received criticism over lashing out in the government stay at home orders as “fascist” during an earnings call as he was very concerned over his factory at Fremont, California at that time.

Recent reports tell us that he is having a financial dilemma as he plans to leave California to move his Tesla plant to Texas. Only time will tell if he will make another strange remark in these hard times.

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