Elon Musk reportedly reconsiders support to Kanye West

After Kanye West announced his presidential bid, he quickly got Elon Musk’s support. The Tesla CEO assured Kim Kardashian’s husband of his “full support,” but everything seemed to change.

After Elon Musk reportedly read Kanye West’s four-hour interview with Forbes, the business magnate was, allegedly, having second thoughts. Would he withdraw his support from the 43-year-old rapper?

Will Elon Musk stop supporting Kanye West?

In his now-controversial Forbes interview, the singer-songwriter revealed he had yet to make a vote in his life. He also disclosed other details about his run, like running under the banner, Birthday Party, and admitting he’s an anti-vaxxer and anti-abortion.

The fashion mogul also announced that he now stopped supporting President Donald Trump, taking off his “Make America Great Again” hat. He’s also against family planning and planned to run his administration based on Black Panther’s Wakanda.

After Forbes published the interview online, Twitter user John Crowley shared its link on Elon Musk’s tweet of support. 

“Cmon Elon – you’re way too intelligent for this BS,” Crowley wrote, per Celebrity Insider.

Later, Amber Heard’s ex-boyfriend responded. “We may have more differences of opinion that I anticipated,” he said, which he then deleted.

Kim Kardashian worried for husband’s wellbeing

Elon Musk was initially supportive of Kanye West’s plan to run for the presidency. “You have my full support!” he even said when he retweeted the designer’s announcement.

Express added that the billionaire industrial engineer also backed down from his support after People reported his mental health. Allegedly, Kim Kardashian worries about her husband’s wellbeing.

“Kanye has been doing well for a long time,” a source told the People. “In the past, he has suffered both manic and depressive episodes related to his bipolar disorder.”

“Right now, he is struggling again,” the insider added.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is, reportedly, worried about Kanye West’s behavior.

“Kim is concerned, as well as her whole family. It’s super stressful for Kim because Kanye’s behavior is very unpredictable,” the insider continued. “The episodes usually last for a few weeks, and then things go back to normal. Kim hopes it will be the same this time.”

Kanye West has yet to work on putting his name on the upcoming November election day’s ballots. He has yet to register with the Federal Election Commission if he will indeed run for the presidency.

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