Elrond Network and Ternoa Blockchain team up for ‘immortality’


The trend for preserving precious memories such as images, videos, and sound on an “immortal” level through NFT technology is on the rise.

We, at Elrond Networks, have been working hard to create efficient systems and technologies that can bring NFTs, not just to the selected few, but to the masses as well. 

And today, with our partnership with Ternoa, one of the most trusted blockchain platforms in the tech industry, our goal has never been as close as ever. 

Preserving memories forever

People’s desire to preserve memories can be clearly seen throughout history. From the early sketches of cavemen, hieroglyphics, papyrus records up to the advent of microchips; preservation was the central theme for these innovations. 

But even with these stages of progress, the goal for making memories that last was still unreachable until non-fungible tokens arrived. 

The basic concept of NFTs is that it is stored, not in a single or centralized system, but in a (de)centralized one which ensures that the authentic version wouldn’t be deleted, even with its digital form. 

And through Elrond and Ternoa’s partnership, people can now have the option to send an NFT to someone they love at a specific point in time. 

Leaning a bit on a technical speak, NFTs that are minted on Ternoa’s platform can be configured with Elrond destinations and can be sent securely. 

Through the collaboration of our technologies, people can now take advantage of sending NFTs through a secure and breach-proof network. 

More about Elrond and Ternoa

Elrond Network is an internet-scale blockchain that is equipped with an Adaptive State Sharding mechanism, Secure Proof of Stake algorithm, and a 15,000 transaction-per-second capability. 

Ternoa, on the other hand, is the first-ever blockchain specifically focused on the transmission of data through NFTs using Polkadot technology. 

We, at Ternoa, bring capabilities that are perfectly in sync with Elrond’s to seamlessly and securely send NFTs through a tried and tested digital infrastructure.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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