Elton John allegedly snubbed Rod Stewart’s invitation after a ‘big falling out’

Elton John allegedly snubbed Rod Stewart's invitation after a 'big falling out'

Elton John and Rod Stewart are no on speaking terms after a big falling out. According to the Maggie May singer, he invited John to his home but received no response.

Elton John and Rod Stewart were very close, but that was before. At present, the two singers are no longer talking to each other. Stewart recounted their friendship in a recent interview.

Elton John allegedly did not respond to Stewart’s invitation

Rod Stewart talked about his friendship with Elton John. According to him, they are no longer talking to each other, which is sad because they were very close before.

“We don’t talk to each other anymore. Big falling out,” he said, per The Sun.

Stewart claimed they “had the bump” last year after he said he commented that his retirement tour was “not rock ‘n’ roll.”

He reached out to John and invited him and his family to his Essex home because they both love football, and he has a football pitch. However, the Tiny Dancer singer allegedly didn’t respond to his email.

Stewart was sad that he didn’t receive any reply from John because they were really close before. The outlet noted that he might have angered John further by comparing his biopic Rocketman to the cheesy musical Mamma Mia.

It wasn’t the first time Rod Stewart talked about their feud. He also talked about the same thing in an interview with a Scottish radio years ago.

What was their feud about

Elton John and Rod Stewart were great friends, but their friendship turned sour after the latter criticized the former’s three-year farewell retirement world tour as “money grabbing,” The Telegraph reported.

Aside from criticizing John’s tour, he also poked fun at his biopic entitled Rocketman.

“I do love Elton, only we’re not talking at the moment. We’ve had a spat,” Steward said per The Telegraph.

When asked about the reason for their falling-out he said, “Because I criticized his tour as being money grabbing.”

John and Stewart were frenemies

According to The Telegraph, Elton John and Rod Stewart were “best frenemies.” They became friends in the 1970s but were very competitive against each other.

For instance, when John saw Stewart’s banner for his Blondes Have More Fun tour outside the Caesar Palace, he also put up a rival hoarding on the opposite building which read, “But Brunettes Make More Money.”

Stewart exploited the theme and sent John a salon hairdryer to point out his hair loss. But in an interview in 1983, they both said they were very good friends and were just professionally competitive.

However, for John, their friendship had been rocky since “we both get in the Top 10.”


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