Elton John dragged in Johnny Depp’s case amid drug, alcohol addiction claims

Elton John was recently dragged in Johnny Depp’s case against a British publication and its editor.

According to Woman’s Day, there are claims suggesting that Depp drank alcohol and took drugs extensively while he was with Amber Heard. In trying to prove the allegations, Elton John was, reportedly, mentioned during the court hearing.

The Sun, its publisher NGN and editor, Dan Wootton are, reportedly, trying to prove that Depp was a “boozing, drug-addicted hellraiser.”

Johnny Depp wrote an email to Elton John

The actor’s email to John in 2012 was recently read in court.

“My dearest Elton, 100 [expletive] days of clarity for an old reprobate [expletive] like me. No one would have ever believed it possible but for a select few, most importantly you,” Depp reportedly wrote.

Johnny Depp's alcohol, drugs, addiction claims

Johnny Depp’s alcohol, drugs, addiction claims

The Sun’s lawyer also mentioned Depp’s long-term girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis in court. The exes dated for 14 years before calling it quits.

According to reports, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor started drinking excessively towards the end of his relationship with Paradis.

“I would definitely say that towards the end of my relationship with Ms. Paradis, the mother of my children, it was a very painful time – to break up with someone that you have been with for 14 years and that you have two children with. So, it was a very painful time and I was more than likely trying to numb myself as much as possible,” Depp said.

Depp’s other ex-wife, Heard has been saying that the actor became physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive toward her when he’s intoxicated. However, Depp denied the allegations.

The Edward Scissorhands actor has been saying that it was Heard that was physically abusive towards him.

Kate Moss, James Franco, Vanessa Paradis, Elton John dragged in the libel case

Meanwhile, several other celebrities have been dragged in Depp’s libel case.

His ex-girlfriend, Kate Moss, was also mentioned during the hearing. The Sun’s lawyer tried to prove that Depp had anger management issues by bringing up an incident that took place in 1995.

Back then, Depp, reportedly, caused $10,000 damage to a hotel in New York while Moss was sleeping. Depp denied that he has anger issues.

James Franco was also brought up during the hearing because Depp claimed that the actor had an affair with Heard.

“She told me that he tried to kiss her and make sexual advances towards her. It has since been confirmed that she was cheating with James… I have been told that she was,” Depp reportedly said.

As of late, it is still unclear if Elton John, Franco, Moss, and the other celebrities will be questioned in court.

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