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Elton John health scare, financial problems: Artist only got months to live


Elton John is sick and in financial crisis, according to various tabloids.

Elton John has been plagued with different rumors targeting his health and finances. One claimed he only got months to live while another suggested he would never sing again. Here’s what you need to know.

Elton John health scare rumors

Elton John canceled his show in New Zealand due to what he called “walking pneumonia.” Globe spun an article about the artist’s announcement alleging that he was sick and only “had months to live.”

The outlet added that John was “mostly confined to a wheelchair” and that he could be dead in six months.

Six months later, John is well and healthy when he appeared in a video for the Emmy Awards. Thus, the story claiming he is ill and dying is not true. Also, the Candle in the Wind singer has big plans ahead and even signed on to a Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Farewell in 2022.

Singer allegedly not singing again

National Enquirer also claimed that Elton John’s “hard-partying past and illness” had caught up with him. The outlet even speculated that he would never return to singing.

The claim followed after John canceled his concert due to a pneumonia incident. The tabloid took it further, saying that his voice may be silenced forever. It also pointed out his history of cocaine abuse and bulimia as among the factors that contributed to his condition.

Again, the report is not true. In contrast to what the tabloid claimed, John just added more dates to his tour, which only goes to show that his singing career will continue.

Elton in financial crisis rumor

New Idea also claimed that Elton John is in a financial crisis after he pulled the plug from his farewell tour. The outlet alleged that the move took a huge chunk from his retirement plans, and he was in “financial hell.”

“All the revenue has disappeared overnight,” an anonymous source claimed.

Gossip Cop debunked the claim because John’s career has already spanned for a number of decades and it’s unbelievable that one postponed, not canceled tour could immediately ruin his finances.

Elton John latest update

On Sept. 23, Elton John announced the new schedules of his upcoming tour on his website. Beginning Sept. 1, 2021, he will start his tour in Berlin. On Jan. 19, 2022, he will be in New Orleans. Meanwhile, his two performances in Mt. Smart Stadium, Auckland, were moved from January 2021 to January 2023.

John is also not in a financial crisis and is actually enjoying his downtime at home. In his announcement, he said he is enjoying his time at home with his family. He also added that he missed being on the road and performing for his fans.

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