Elton John reveals what prevented John Lennon from getting Nobel Prize

Elton John

Elton John sat down for intimate storytelling about John Lennon and how the late singer could have become a Nobel Peace Prize awardee.

Elton John met John Lennon’s son, Sean, during Radio 2’s John Lennon at 80 special, where he told him stories about his father.

Per Elton, he shared that he had two or three-year whirlwind bromance with Lennon. Furthermore, he said that he believes that the Beatles star could have won a prestigious award if he did not get murdered in 1980.

“I think that if your dad had still been alive he would have maybe won the Nobel Peace Prize,” he uttered. “He was a uniter and was prepared to go to any lengths to make people see what his point was.”

The 73-year-old singer-songwriter went on to recall the challenges Lennon faced at that time. He described him as brilliant and peace-loving even after people, including the FBI, gave him a hard time.

Despite those difficulties, it did not defer Lennon to be so helpful. Those traits caused Elton to see him as a treasure that everyone needs right now.

For years, Lennon became renowned for his activism. In one instance, he held a Bed-In for Peace signage while on a honeymoon in Amsterdam.

In 1969, he held up the same placard in Montreal, where he composed and recorded Give Peace a Chance.

Elton’s bromance with Lennon

The “Tiny Dancer” hitmaker mentioned how he had a whirlwind romance with Lennon for years after they met in 1973.

During their relationship, they made music together. One of which is Whatever Gets You Thru The Night.

“Playing on your dad’s record… I could have died and gone to heaven,” he confessed to Lennon’s 44-year-old son.

In November of that year, they performed together at Madison Square Garden in New York. Little did they know, it would become Lennon’s final live performance.

Lennon on loving someone else

After discussing his relationship with Lennon, Elton also opened up about the late singer’s relationship with Yoko Ono.

In 1969, Lennon and Yoko got married before taking a brief split. In 1975, they welcomed Sean into their lives.

“I think when he had you, he mellowed a lot. I just think he relished spending the time with you that he probably hadn’t had with his first boy Julian,” Elton told Sean. “And I think it mellowed him a lot being back with your mum and having a family life.”

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