Elton John suffers from yo-yo dieting after gaining 40 pounds: Rumor

Elton John suffers from yo-yo dieting after gaining 40 pounds: Rumor

Elton John, allegedly, suffers from yo-yo dieting after the singer gained 40 pounds.

According to Globe, Elton John managed to lose 30 pounds through diet and exercise. However, he gained all the weight he lost and then some.

A source claimed that John is stressed over his recent weight gain especially since he tipped the scales at 200 pounds.

Elton John has an appetite for sweets 

Elton John has an appetite for sweets

The insider also claimed that the award-winning musician can’t control his appetite. And he, allegedly, has candy binges and late-night snacks on a regular basis.

“Despite his flamboyant public persona, he’s emotionally sensitive and has been since he was a child. And many fear his overeating is a coping mechanism,” the source said.

The singer’s string of health issues

A so-called health expert also told the tabloid that John could be at risk of killer health issues because of his yo-yo dieting.

“He’s had massive abdominal obesity, which means he is highly likely to be diabetic and has high blood pressure and be at significant risk for a heart attack and stroke. Yo-yo dieting sets you up for abdominal obesity that shortens lives,” the expert said.

Meanwhile, the tabloid claimed that John has had a slew of health issues in the past. And his recent struggles with his weight loss could make them worse.

After all, Elton John is, allegedly, able to limit his food intake for a few weeks. But he can’t go on a strict diet for long periods of time.

Elton John announces final tour dates

In related news, John also made headlines this week after he announced his final “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour dates.

“The shows that I announce today will be my final tour dates ever in North America and Europe. I’m going to go out in the biggest possible way, performing at my very best, with the most spectacular production I’ve ever had, playing in places that have meant so much to me throughout my career,” John said in a statement.

John’s tour will kick off in Germany on September 1. And Elton John will also go to North America from January to April 2022.

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