Elton John gets own Barbie doll

Elton John

Elton John reached another milestone in his life by getting his own Barbie Doll.

On Thursday, Mattel’s website released an Elton John limited-edition Barbie doll, which has been styled according to Elton’s fashion taste.

Caroline DeMersseman designed the doll and categorized it with a gold label.

It is not surprising that the doll costs $50 since it completely dons the same get-up and accessories just like what Elton wears.

The Elton John Barbie doll has a glittery top and flared denim printed with the 73-year-old singer’s initials.

Meanwhile, it also flaunts its multicolor bomber jacket. The “Elton” jacket has silver-colored stars on the light blue sleeves. Meanwhile, the hem is complemented with rainbow stripes.

The Barbie doll even copies Elton’s platform boots and bowler hat.

The designer also made a doll version of the singer’s signature sparkling pink sunglasses to complete the look.

“The most successful male solo artist of all time, Elton has amassed numerous gold, platinum and even one diamond album, plus countless music industry achievements throughout the span of his career,” the product description says.

The website also mentioned that the limited-edition Barbie doll is part of their tribute for the singer.

About Elton John Barbie Doll

The release is actually a special one since it marked a milestone for Elton.

In October 1975, the “Skyline Pigeon” hitmaker held his record-breaking concert at the Dodgers Stadium for two consecutive days.

According to the singer’s website, the two-day performance became the largest single-artist concerts ever at that time.

“Barbie is an icon in her own right, so having her pay tribute to my work and personal style is a real honor,” Elton told Rolling Stone. “I hope that she inspires fans everywhere to fearlessly pursue their own dreams and limitless potential.”

New Elton’s product received mixed reaction

Upon the release of the doll, several netizens shared their own opinion about the particular Barbie.

“If there’s one thing little girls love its 73-year-old gay musicians,” one netizen wrote. “Don’t get me wrong, love Elton, he’s super talented, but this seems like a @Quibi in the making. Collectors will buy them, but who else?”

Another Twitter user said, “That is disgusting! He should buy a barbie dolls and give it to poor kids instead wasting his money for his own Barbie doll.”

It will take a month or so to determine whether this Barbie doll will have record-breaking sales, as well.

Featured image courtesy of Tomtom80 Thomas Waleczka, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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