Emergency radio of $23 will help you survive the zombie apocalypse

Every day seems to be tough nowadays, and we feel some apocalypse might hit us. But even if we aren’t ready to fight a group of zombies, we will have to look upon a significant innovation in technology.

The emergency radio is altogether a great boon in the domain of technology. The emergency radio is created by a company named Dodocool.

This emergency radio covers all the bases and is proving very beneficial.

This emergency radio is providing a different perspective for the upcoming technology innovations. The Dodocool emergency radio is equipped with AM/FM and NOAA weather forecasts.

This emergency radio not only has these aspects; it is also designed with a flashlight and a 2000 mAh USB port, which will help you charge your cellphone anywhere.

How much will it cost?

This usual emergency radio is available at Amazon at the base price of $35. But if you apply the promo code TECHB0025, you will get a discount of 34% on the radio.

During checkout, you will have to enter this promo code, and thus you will get this technological masterpiece at the cost of $23.

The best thing about this emergency radio is that it is equipped with hand cranks. Hand cranks refer to supplying energy through the muscles of your body. It all depends on how much and how long you crank the radio.

You can either do it yourself or can engage anyone else to do so. The only ultimate thing which resides after all this is the cranking of the radio. During power line failure, these hand cranks prove fruitful.

At times when there are any non-emergencies, you won’t have to worry about using the radio.

The radio works on the choice of AC you provide, a trio AAA battery, or even a solar power cell. The radio is comfortable and compatible with any of the mentioned power sources above.

Other significant features of this emergency radio

An impressive feature about this radio is that it is very compact and handy. The radio is almost of dimensions 7x5x3 inches, which looks very comfortable to carry.

Another captivating feature about this radio is the flashlight and reading light.

It is provided with an SOS alarm and a radio along with a 2000 mAh power bank facility. The versatility of this radio works very well when you are out trekking or camping. It can even be helpful when you go on a robot-invasion mission.


Image courtesy of amazon/YouTube Screenshot

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