Emilio Vitolo moves on after Katie Holmes dumped him: Rumor

Emilio Vitolo moves on after Katie Holmes dumped him: Rumor

Emilio Vitolo has, allegedly, moved on from Katie Holmes.

According to National Enquirer, Vitolo wasted no time after Katie Holmes told him that they are over.

A source for the tabloid claimed that the chef has been spending time at his dad’s restaurant with several beautiful women.

“I don’t think Emilio was ever really that serious about Katie, but he certainly seems to have enjoyed all the attention he got from being with her,” the source said.

Katie Holmes ex living a double life?

The insider also claimed that Vitolo has since revealed his double life in the wake of his split from Holmes.

“Emilio’s into intimate parties – where couples or high-profile people can just turn up as long as they’re invited. It’s a whole scene in New York. They’re pretty wild parties where drinks, intimacy, and drugs usually flow freely,” the source said.

Katie Holmes having a blast being single

Katie Holmes having a blast being single

As for Holmes, the source said that the actress is enjoying her time as a single mom. In fact, the Dawson’s Creek star is quite busy with her engagements.

“Katie is making a real name for herself as a director. With her looks, personality, and talent, the world’s her oyster and Katie will have her pick of guys to choose from. Let’s just hope she doesn’t choose another bad boy. She deserves to find someone who’ll treat her right,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

While it is true that Katie Holmes and Vitolo have split, there’s no confirmation about what the chef has been doing since their breakup.

Vitolo has been photographed at his dad’s restaurant but not with other women as the tabloid is claiming.

There is also no proof that he has been drinking and partying nonstop since his split from Holmes.

As for the actress, it is true that she’s busy due to her professional engagements.

Suri Cruise’s mom has also been making public appearances in New York sans Vitolo.

Last year, Katie Holmes and Vitolo were photographed hanging out with each other multiple times. At one point, a photo of them kissing and canoodling with each other in public also made headlines.

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