Emilio Vitolo’s ex-fiancée Rachel Emmons allegedly reacts to Katie Holmes stealing her man

Emilio Vitolo's ex-fiancée Rachel Emmons allegedly reacts to Katie Holmes stealing her man

Katie Holmes, allegedly, knew that Emilio Vitolo was engaged to Rachel Emmons, but she still got into a relationship with the chef.

According to In Touch Weekly, Katie Holmes seems very happy with Vitolo. The chef is also able to bring out the actress’s playful side.

Katie Holmes stole Emilio Vitolo from Rachel Emmons

But despite all of these things, one cannot, allegedly, deny that Holmes broke the girl code by stealing Vitolo from Emmons.

“Rachel was completely blindsided – she received a coldhearted breakup text from Emilio as soon as he knew the photos with Katie were going public. She knows Katie should have been aware that Emilio was engaged,” the source said.

Rachel warns Katie Holmes after actress stole her fiance 

Rachel warns Katie Holmes after actress stole her fiance

The insider also said that it’s hard to believe that Holmes doesn’t know about Vitolo and Emmons’ engagement. After all, the exes used to live together.

“Rachel was humiliated. Their behavior was cruel, and Kate will always be known for breaking ‘girl code.’ Rachel says Katie better be careful because what goes around comes around,” the source said.

The ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star can’t get enough of her boyfriend

The Dawson’s Creek star’s friends are also, allegedly, worried about her new relationship. After all, Vitolo initially wanted to marry Emmons. But he suddenly left her for Holmes. As such, they, allegedly, think that the chef could eventually do the same thing to Holmes.

According to the tabloid, Holmes doesn’t exactly have a clean track record either. After her split from Tom Cruise, she got into an ultra-secret relationship with Jamie Foxx.

“Emilio seems fickle like Jamie and people close to Katie are scared this relationship will end in tears for her as well,” the source said.

How Emilio Vitolo helped Holmes

But for now, Holmes and Vitolo remain unfazed by all the criticisms.

“She and Emilio share a passion for cooking, culture, and fine dining. And he really makes her laugh. He’s the first man she’s felt this way about in a long time. She definitely sees a future with him,” the source said.

Life & Style published a similar story about the couple, saying that the actress is crazy over the chef. After all, Vitolo is, allegedly, the first guy that Holmes has cared about in a long time.

Vitolo also, allegedly, helped Holmes get over Foxx. And there’s no denying that Holmes is in love with the charming and witty chef.

“Since they started dating, Katie hasn’t stopped smiling. And Emilio is just as smitten with her,” the source said.

The tabloid also mentioned Emmons in their story. They claimed that Holmes was aware that Vitolo was engaged to the designer when they met.

“They were sneaking around behind Rachel’s back for a while. Emilio is very ambitious, but Katie says she can see a future with him,” the source said.

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