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Emily Blunt ‘almost killed’ Tom Cruise for movie stunt


An unearthed interview of Emily Blunt reveals how she “almost killed” her friend, co-star Tom Cruise.

Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise starred in the 2014 sci-fi film, Edge of Tomorrow. Upon the release of the film in the United States, the actress sat down for an interview with Conan O’Brien, wherein they discussed several things, including the movie.

Among all the things that the actress shared, one shocking revelation caught the attention of many. Emily revealed that she “almost killed” her co-star, Tom Cruise.

On Edge of Tomorrow‘s stunts

Edge of Tomorrow is unlike most of Tom Cruise’s films. Although it offers action, which involves stunts, this reportedly did not come in par with the Mission Impossible franchise. Even so, it still had a fair share of challenging stunts, especially for Emily Blunt.

Emily reportedly got behind the wheel for a certain scene in the movie. However, she revealed that it took several takes before they were able to get the perfect act, according to the Cheat Sheet.

Emily Blunt deemed Tom Cruise’s advice “annoying”

Things went terribly wrong on the second take, the actress said. She then explained that stunt experts “advised” her to go “a bit faster” for the second try. Although Tom Cruise was reportedly “against” the advice, Emily revealed that she “ignored” his “annoying” take, as per the Daily Mail.

As they take the shot, Emily Blunt revealed that as she approaches the “right-hand turn,” she hears her on-screen partner “under his breath.” Consequently, he reportedly told her to “brake, brake, brake.” But, she kept on going, despite Tom’s “brake hard!” In the end, the actress said that she drove them into a tree. “I almost killed Tom Cruise,” she added.

While it was all a shocking moment for the actress, and possible the actor, Emily shared that they “laughed off” of it after. She also “apologized” for not hearing him, the reports added.

Edge of Tomorrow and the upcoming sequel

Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise are the lead actors of Edge of Tomorrow. Even though the cast had big celebrity names, it did not reportedly become a box office hit.

As reported, it only made about AU$569 million against its budget of $178 million. One possible reason behind this is reportedly its title.

It still became very popular, though, after hitting the small screens. This is why a sequel might reportedly happen, according to Digital Spy. Although it remains unconfirmed, Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise will likely retain their roles if ever Edge of Tomorrow 2 gets sealed.

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