Emma Stone believes in ghosts as late grandfather leaves coins

Emma Stone believes in 'friendly' ghosts as late grandfather leaves coins

Emma Stone started acting when she was 4.

Over the years, celebrities have shared several personal stories. One of them is Emma Stone, who previously revealed about her family’s “long history” with coins.

She shocked her fans and followers when she opened up about these “coins.” As reported, the story involves her “friendly ghosts.”

Emma Stone believes in ghosts

Years after her big break in Hollywood, Emma Stone made an appearance on David Letterman’s The Late Show. She told the celebrity host that she has had “encounters” with several “friendly ghosts” over the years.

Following the statements, she touched on the story of her family’s coins. While she did not share the story in detail, she claimed that it is her late grandfather who leaves the coins for her and her family.

She was “insistent,” but she said that the story is too long, according to Insider. Nevertheless, she emphasized that the whole family has continued to encounter the quarters over the years.

Emma Stone believes in ghosts

Her grandfather anglicized their surname

Emma Stone grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jeffrey Charles Stone, a CEO of a general contracting company, and Krista Jean Stone, a homemaker, raised her and her younger brother, Spencer, in a normal childhood.

Reports said that she has German, Irish, Scottish, and English ancestry. But, their family was from a Swedish line. The 31-year-old actress’s grandfather, Conrad Ostberg Sten, came from a Swedish family. He, later on, “anglicized” the surname to Stone upon relocation to the United States.

When the Friends With Benefits star entered Hollywood, she, reportedly, used the name “Riley Stone.” But, after finishing her earlier projects, she resorted to using “Emma,” which is a closer version of her real name, Emily Jean Stone.

She starred in several local theater productions

Emma Stone started her stint in acting when she was 4. Cheat Sheet reported that she joined the local theater group in Scottsdale, and starred in a handful of productions.

She previously opened up about how her participation in theater plays helped her cope with panic attacks. She revealed that she suffered from it for more than three years. Stone, later on, noted that this caused a “decline” in her social skills.

She, however, continued with her theater plays. She also took voice and acting lessons before moving to California to become an actress. After her many failed auditions, she eventually got mini roles for different series materials.

Eventually, Emma Stone obtained much more weighty roles in films. In 2010, she starred in Easy A as the main character. This then reportedly allowed her career to “ramp up.”


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