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Emma Watson breaks silence following J.K Rowling controversial tweets


Emma Watson speaks out in support of the trans community.

Emma Watson recently broke her silence following the huge controversy involving the Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling. The debacle reportedly centered on the successful writer’s posts, which netizens deemed as “anti-trans.”

Earlier this month, Rowling sparked disagreements on social media after releasing a series of tweets on her personal account. It all started when she shared an opinionated article titled, Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate, according to TMZ.

J.K. Rowling’s post and where it all started

On June 7, the Harry Potter creator shared an article from Devex. The piece tackles the “implications” of COVID-19 on the “global menstrual health.”

Upon sharing the link on her account, she reportedly “objected” the use of gender-neutral language to describe menstruation. She said in the tweet that there used to be a word for “people who menstruate.”

Following the huge backlash over her statements, which netizens deemed “anti-trans,” J.K. Rowling reportedly “doubled it down” when she claimed that it is “not hate to speak the truth.”

The author also released a lengthy essay explaining her views, which further lengthen the discussions about the matter. This also further developed the disputes against her, as per reports.

Emma Watson breaks silence

A few days after the controversy’s emergence, Emma Watson took her thoughts to the same platform. She also reportedly went on to post a series of tweets sharing her “support” to the trans community, Entertainment Weekly reiterated.

On her first tweet, the Harry Potter actress said that “Trans people are who they say they are.” She then asserted that she, alongside the many people across the globe, sees, respects, and loves the trans community for who they are.

She encouraged followers to donate and support organizations

After her first two tweets, Emma Watson then posted two organizations, Mermaids and Mama Cash, where she donates. As reported, these organizations support trans people.

Emma shared with her followers that she donates to these affiliations. She then encouraged them if they “can” to do the same, especially if they will feel “inclined.”

The actress then ended her “thread” with a wishful post. As stated, Emma wished the community a happy Pride Month. “Sending love,” she concluded.

Reports noted that Emma Watson was not the first celebrity (who worked with J.K. Rowling) to break their silence about the controversy. As previously reported, her co-star, Daniel Radcliffe, also published a statement in response to the author’s tweets.

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