Emma Watson feels ‘inadequate’, admits having ‘imposter syndrome’

Emma Watson feels 'inadequate', admits having 'imposter syndrome'

Emma Watson always feels “uncomfortable” with fame.

Emma Watson started her acting career when she was young. She had her first big break after starring as Hermione Granger on the Harry Potter series. She has since continued to star in different films, including The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Your Voice In My Head, and Ballet Shoes.

Reports said that it had become an understatement to say that she is famous. But despite all the success and fame, the now-30-year-old actress has always felt “uncomfortable” being under the spotlight. She even admitted to suffering “imposter syndrome,” according to Cheat Sheet.

Emma Watson could not connect with herself

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Emma Watson revealed what she truly felt about her fame. She told the publication that she would look at herself in the mirror and asked who she is, especially during red carpet events.

The Beauty and Beast star also noted that she did not connect with the person she saw in the mirror. With her makeup and “big fluffy” dresses, she always had a “very unsettling feeling.”

She feels like an “imposter”

In a separate interview, Emma Watson shared her thoughts about her acting stint. When asked about her acting skills, she admitted that she was not sure, adding that she has continued to “wrestle” with it.

The actress also discussed how she would ask and “quiz” her parents about her talents in acting. She said that, when she looks back, she would realize that she “just did it” and acted. “It was just there,” Watson stated.

As the years passed by, she reportedly began to question herself. When receiving awards or recognition for her skills, she revealed that she feels like an “imposter.”

The Little Women actress also confesses with Rookie magazine that she always felt inadequate. The more she does better, the more she feels the inadequacy. She later revealed that she felt like a “total fraud,” adding that she does not deserve any of her achievements.

Taking advantage of her fame

Amid all the feelings of inadequacy, the actress puts her fame to good use. Reports said that she had become a huge “advocate” for women’s rights and other advocacies that center on women empowerment.

The same publications then asserted that she has since appeared to take advantage of her “celebrity status” to do good for society. Emma Watson has continued to inspire others, as well, especially young women across the globe.

Featured image courtesy of Totally Emma Watson/YouTube

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