Engineering FPS game ‘Satisfactory’ released its latest sales numbers


First-person sandbox engineering game Satisfactory just released its sales numbers. The figures show off the disparity between their two storefront sales numbers.

Satisfactory community manager Jace Varlet shared the numbers through a video. The super enthused appreciation post was uber wholesome for anyone who sees it. For those interested in the numbers, the exact figure is 1,326,518 copies sold so far. It is also interesting to note the ratio between EGS and Steam for the game.

Steam version sold more than 350,000 copies in one month

While the video of Varlet is a recommended view, the figures are awe-inspiring. The game came out for the Epic Games Store on March 19 last year. The Steam version, on the other hand, came out last June 9 of this year.

The numbers for both storefronts are solid, with EGS generating 958,917 copies sold. Steam, on the other hand, solid as many as 367,601 in their first month. Varlet gave a good, nuanced explanation of what’s happening.

“Epic sold in about three months or something 500,000,” the community manager said. “The total number sold on Steam in a month or whatever is 360,000 so it’s slated to probably overtake what Epic did at that time.”

Varlet notes how Steam has a ton more users compared to Epic. This move, together with the Steam Summer Sale, helped boost the game to the top.

“Another thing to consider is that there has been the Summer Sale, and we have been on the top sellers. We were at first or top three for a very long time and we’re still in the top 10.”

Satisfactory is a robust title with great gameplay

The success of Satisfactory on Steam is a slightly expected phenomenon. The game is an excellent piece of a sandbox game. Internet creatives enjoy the challenge that these types of games give to players.

These figures can be a statement of how superior Steam is against Epic Games Store. Considering the internet hate for EGS, it’s hard to imagine the big difference in sales. Some players in the community even go as far as to boycott the platform altogether.

The game is selling superbly well on both platforms and for a reason. The game comes from Coffee Stain Studios, the creators of a few hit PC games. Their line of titles includes Goat Simulator, Sanctum, Huntdown, and Deep Rock Galactic.

Satisfactory is available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game is currently on a decent 10% discount on Steam until July 9.

Featured image courtesy of Coffee Stain Studios/YouTube Screenshot

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