ENHYPEN impresses with staggering debut album pre-order sales

The ultimate boy group created by I-LAND, ENHYPEN, achieved eye-popping pre-order sales for its debut album BORDER: DAY ONE. In just two days, it surpassed 150,000 stock pre-orders.

Belift Lab (BE: LIFT), the agency of ENHYPEN, organized the South Korean survival observational reality show I-Land.

It is a joint venture between the entertainment companies CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertainment. The competition gave Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki to debut.

The mesmerizing digits

As announced earlier on Wednesday, November 4, ENHYPEN achieved staggering news for its debut album. The group with BORDER: DAY ONE has successfully surpassed the 150,000 mark stock pre-orders.

The highest numbers from the pre-orders are from Japan and the United States. November 30 will be the schedule of ENHYPHEN’s debut.

Considering the fast-approaching debut of ENHYPEN, fans cannot wait to get the album in their hands.

In every album debut’s, the pre-order stock sales are an essential measure for albums’ physical production.

With ENHYPEN’s high numbers, it shows that there is an increased interest among the worldwide fans.

Why ENHYPEN worthy of being called idols

Furthermore, with over 20 talented trainees worldwide brought for training, the ultimate seven forming ENHYPEN are the best.

They went through rigid training and competed tightly, which somehow molded them to become the best versions of themselves.

Moreover, I-LAND’s final episode revealed the winning contestants, including Yang Jungwon, Lee Heeseung, Ni-ki, Jake, Jay, Park Sung-hoon, and Kim Sun-oo.

The global ranking decided six of the winners, and the last member is through the producer’s choice.

Meanwhile, on September 18, through a live broadcast, the show announced the winners to debut as ENHYPEN. The term ENHYPEN signifies connection, discovery, and growth.

ENHYPEN refers to how the members discovered each other, just like how a hyphen connects words to find a new meaning. They are all connected and will grow together.

Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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