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ENHYPEN reveals leader ahead of debut


ENHYPEN is now ready to make its debut and reveals the leader of the group.

ENHYPEN is a seven-membered boy group from the Mnet show I-LAND. The group will be debuting this month under BELIFT LAB. It is a joint venture with Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM.

Announcing the leader

In an interview video, the members announced the leader of their band. The process of selecting the leader includes being interviewed and a series of various tests. The agency chose Heeseung and Jungwon as candidates.

The staff reminded the group that Heeseung is the oldest member of the group and the core of their performance. Therefore there are some concerns about him having to take the role.

Moreover, the staff members came to a decision and announced after speaking with Jungwon and Heeseung that the ENHYPEN leader is Jungwon.

Sense of leadership

Heeseung commented that he thought he could offer help in more areas if he is the eldest and fellow member than being the leader.

He also encouraged other members to help the leader and take responsibility for leading the band.

Teamwork is vital to every group to achieve success and last more in the industry.
Jungwon stated that he would be doing his best. Also, the members expressed their thoughts, love and promised to help and support Jungwon all the way.

ENHYPEN aiming for success

Jungwon added that he did not know he would become the leader as everything seems a little sudden. Now that he felt a sense of responsibility, he wanted to be a leader who does not feel distant.

He wanted the other six members to offer their opinions and comments, and he will be doing the same. Jungwon hopes that everybody in the group will be working hard, and ENHYPEN will soon reach the peak of success.

Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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