ENHYPEN shares thoughts about its debut

ENHYPEN officially made its most awaited debut as the band showcased its first mini-album, BORDER: DAY ONE!

The members of ENHYPEN sat down for an interview, and each of them expressed their emotions about their debut.

The new idols’ worries

Jungwon stated that he was nervous, but still, he wanted to perform well on the show. On the other hand, Jake was also worried about the thought of showing their songs and performances for the first time to everyone.

Furthermore, Jay commented that the debut did not feel real but promised that he would work hard as he had prepared. Heesung added that he felt nervous also but would show everyone an outstanding performance.

Sunghoon, on the other hand, commented that he was both excited and nervous. He said that all of the members worked hard, and their fans worldwide supported them. “I will repay everyone with a good performance,” he added.

Ni-ki also shared that he was thinking about how many people watching would make them feel nervous. And lastly, Sunoo expressed that it was a joyful day where their debut dreams finally came true.

The most-awaited album

ENHYPEN’s debut album has stories that imply the seven members’ complicated emotions facing their first day in a new world.

Heesung described their album about including their feelings when still trainees to becoming artists and as individuals joining an idol group.

Jungwon, being the group’s leader, is one of the younger members of the group. Heesung said that he and Jungwon went through various tests and interviews.

Despite this, Jungwon expressed his gratitude towards the members who then selected him. He shared that he was surprised and overwhelmed that the members chose him.

Given-Taken is a dark and spirited pop-hip hop, revealing the members’ complex emotions as the title track. The track also unveils a new starting line after the group reached their debut dream.


Image courtesy of ENHYPEN/YouTube Screenshot

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