ENHYPEN’s Jungwon: ‘I never thought I’ll become a leader of the group’

During the recent interview of ENHYPEN’s Jungwon on Weverse Magazine, he divulged his feelings about debuting.

Jungwon, the leader of ENHYPEN, shared that he wasn’t able to feel that he had debuted because of their busy schedule. He also revealed that the fact that they already debuted is sinking in slowly.

The rookie idol also talked about the difficulties of getting ready for the debut during the interview.

Since the group members were all chosen through a game show, they can’t keep themselves from being pressured.

Jungwon stated that they didn’t have much time until their debut and their biggest priority was to perfect their debut performance.

Furthermore, he shared that once it was ready, they tried hard to become a tight-knit team.

“Trainees usually spend years together before they debut, but it’s been less than a year since we became a team,” Jungwoon shared his concerns.

Jungwoon on becoming a leader

Before the debut of the group, Jungwon was announced to be the leader of ENHYPEN. On Weverse, he shared how he became the leader of the band. He also shared the difficulties he has faced so far as being a K-Pop idol group leader.

Jungwon revealed that there were times when they have issues as a team.

He also shared that two members sometimes get odd with each other. They sometimes get hurt while the rest of them are uninformed.

Being a leader helps him notice those things and solve those issues.

But Jungwon admitted that it’s still not easy for him to go up to them and talk about those matters. “It’s because of my personality, and I’m still working on it,” he expressed.

ENHYPEN members on setting up rules

Moreover, Jungwon revealed that the septet has set up rules of their own to work out any difficulties or conflicts of the members.

The leader explained that they can’t guarantee always to work well. He emphasized that if their feelings are hurt, that’ll affect their performance.

This is why they agreed to put work above everything else and deal with the other issues later when they come back home.


Image courtesy of STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]/YouTube Screenshot

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