Enjoy your weekend at Gryffindor-themed ‘Harry Potter’ cottages at just 50 Euros

Everyone loves Harry Potter; the lifestyle, magical school, beautiful landscapes, magic spells, and those majestically beautiful dorms. Harry Potter is at the pinnacle in everyone’s watch list.

The one thing which fascinates us the most from the Harry Potter series is the dorms. Every dorm has its unique name, and the majestic and gigantic dorms added a lot to the movie series.

We can never experience that lifestyle as we aren’t part of that series, but we still have a chance. Harry Potter fans can stay in a Gryffindor themed dorm with four-poster walls, a washroom attached with a famous mermaid stained glass.

A better place to spend the weekend

Found at North Shire in Liverton, on the corner of the North York Moors Nation Park, the dormitory is designed the way it used to be in the Harry Potter series. The cottage is decorated like the famous Hogwarts house standard room where Harry and his friends spent most of the time.

The cottage has six handmade four-poster single beds. Each decorated with red curtains, and the interior is designed according to every individual theme of each house in the Harry Potter series.

The living area in the cottage has a fireplace to maintain the temperature of the room and also to give an authentic look, as shown in the movies. The room is also decorated with vibrant sofas and a kitchen to cook food.

An interesting feature of this cottage is the bathroom. One can never ignore the blissful bathroom which the cottage has. The perfect fancy bathroom structure gives a complete feeling of Harry Potter’s ambiance.

Why wait? Just book and enjoy your weekends

Gold shell-shaped sinks and a backlit stained glass window with a blonde mermaid painted on it revives the memory of the Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire part. Talking about the rate, the cottage is available at the cost of 50 Euros a night.

Six people can share the cottage at a time. Carol Cavendish, an entrepreneur designed this cottage, which also has the Groundkeepers Cottage. The Groundkeepers Cottage is based on Hagrid’s hobbit hut which is also a fairytale property.

This cottage, owned by Cavendish, is also available for rental purposes. They also have shepherded huts and caravans to rent on-site on any occasion or work purpose.

Carol explained her motive behind The Dorm: “Today when there’s so much fear around the pandemic, people are looking for ways they can step back from reality for a short time and be comforted in a world of make-believe which is just what The Dorm aims to do along with our other accommodation.”

Image courtesy of Olga Konakova/Shutterstock

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