‘Enola Holmes’: Positive reviews could spawn a Netflix franchise

Enola Holmes

Netflix might have a new hit in its library as positive reviews for Enola Holmes pour, setting the course for a potential franchise.

The movie, starring teenage actress Millie Bobby Brown, will drop on the platform on Sept. 23. However, feedback for Enola Holmes from critics has, so far, been generally good.

Observer stated that the film centering on Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister isn’t a “revolution or revelation” to change the cinema. However, it is the type of family-friendly entertainment that could make Netflix reconsider greenlighting the sequels.

Giving this story a dash of Girl Power makes the movie refreshing. Enola is quite badass and could be sharper than her intuitive brother.

Netflix acquired the film due to COVID-19

In April, Netflix got the rights from Legendary Entertainment to release Enola Holmes on the platform. The closure of movie theaters due to COVID-19 pushed the studio to find an alternative before its intended release in the fall.

It was a no-brainer for the streamer as the period film already has a familiar Netflix star. Brown is in one of the cast members of the platform’s hottest shows, Stranger Things. Supporting her is Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, who is also the lead of Netflix’s popular fantasy series, The Witcher.

Enola Holmes also has the caliber of Emmy, Golden Globes, and BAFTA winner director Harry Breeder. Tony and BAFTA-winning scribe Jack Thorne, on the other hand, adapted the story for the screen.

Based on the award-winning book series from Nancy Springer, the story of this young sleuth is expanded into six books. The film, however, only tackles the first book, The Case of the Missing Marquess. So, there are still five stories to adapt if Netflix plans to do more.

The ending sets the game afoot

According to Indiewire, the ending of the movie actually “sets up further adventures.” The story has “something better and bigger” to deliver as it has only given a glimpse into the characters and the places featuring England in the late 1800s.

IGN indicated that the movie has plenty of hints of a sequel, as provided in scenes between Brown and Cavill. The actor, however, appears sparsely on Enola Holmes but he could be in for bigger participation in the next films as his chemistry with Brown apparently “effectively sells.”

It’s still too early to tell if Netflix plans to develop a franchise. The final indicator, however, could be seen after the release of Enola Holmes. By then, the streamer could measure just how many subscribers actually watched the film.


Image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube

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