EOS Dynasty blockchain RPG / PVP game review

With the increasing adoption of blockchain technology, decentralized apps (dApps) have also risen and, with that, comes also the rise of decentralized mobile games. One of these is EOS Dynasty, an RPG + PVP game built on the blockchain framework. Here’s a quick overview and review of the dApp game.

EOS Dynasty: An overview

EOS Dynasty is the Eastern-style version of EOS Knights that focuses on character creation and upgrading. It contains three characters, as well as dozens of maps, weapons, mounts, armor, and items to collect!

It is an “away from keyboard” game that allows you to do other things while letting the game do its job.

How do I get into EOS Dynasty?

Once you open the game, you have six options to get into the gameplay:

  • Token Pocket
  • Meet.One
  • Nova
  • Mykey
  • Wombat
  • Math

Among these choices, only Wombat is free; the rest require a pre-existing amount of EOS cryptocurrency.

You can already access the game and download it via Wombat; it will redirect you to a site, where the latest version of the game awaits you!

What are the two cryptocurrencies in the game?

There are two main currencies in the game: EOS and Tiger Runes. The former serves as the game’s premium currency, while the latter serves as the game’s common currency.

EOS allows players to buy characters and get more resources to upgrade these characters to the best that they possibly can. The more powerful these characters are, the higher the resources a player can have.

Players can gain more EOS by simply buying/selling items and materials in the game.

How to gain even more currencies in the game?

Through in-game buying and selling, players get a third currency called TKT (in-game tokens) – this allows them to be able to participate in the in-game economy and potentially gain more items, resources, and most importantly, real money.

All players gain TKT in proportion to the amount that they spend playing and transacting in-game.

The game plans to release up to 1 billion TKT; right now, less than 25% of it is currently available, which means that there’s still a lot of room for the game to grow!

How do players play the game and upgrade their characters?

The main form of play in the game is called a “march,” where a player collects resources by killing monsters. Killing more monsters increases the drop rate of items.

Players get one Tiger Rune and one random material for every march that they do; each player can march every 120 or 240 seconds, depending on his/her level.

In other words, a player could be potentially powerful if he/she spends a good amount of time per day in the game.

Players get higher-quality material based on many factors, such as the character’s level, the equipment being used, the battle that is being fought (one unlocks different maps), and the number of players/monsters killed at the time when the player acquires these materials.

Once the player obtains the necessary materials for a certain item, the player clicks the desired item and gets it within a matter of seconds.

There are four types of items in the game: weapons, armor, amulets, and mounts. All of them contribute to a player’s strength inside the game.

Meanwhile, the game also has additional features, such as boss events and forge events that allow players to gain more resources.

The verdict

While it is true that you will get something out of the game as a casual player, the game can be a very good investment for players who have the resources to spare.

The graphics and the general smoothness of the gameplay are quite impressive as well. However, one could experience lags between the server and the client on occasion.

All in all, EOS Dynasty rewards its players fairly generously and is worth trying if you’re into RPG and PVP style games.

Have you played EOS Dynasty? What did you think of the game? Let us know on Twitter!

Featured image courtesy of EOS

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