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Epic Games announces acquisition of RAD Game Tools


Epic Games have announced their recent acquisition with RAD Game Tools and their technology to market the better use of Unreal Engine.

Epic Games have successfully acquired the technology and even the business of RAD Game Tools. On their official website, Epic games have talked about the merge.

How did the merge happen?

Epic Games announced that the merge is to come up with better solutions and an Unreal Engine. RAD Game Tools is a video game software development company.

According to the post, the products and RAD Game Tools technology appear in more than 25,000 games. They are leveraged by some of the world’s leading gaming companies.

The game developer is the owner of both the Epic Games Store and Unreal Engine. It is quoted to be a powerful and popular game development tool. The statement has further been shared and says,

“Epic Games and RAD plans to integrate RAD’s powerful technology into Unreal Engine. It will help both the developer’s community and gamers alike.”

The technology has been used before

Moreover, the company has used RAD’s technology before. Especially the compression technology, it is the one they have used the most. The compression technology does a lot of wonders.

For example, it helps the developers to reduce the loading time and improve performance graphics. For Fortnite, which is one of the world’s most popular games, compression technology is assisted.

The post has further explained that games in today’s world are becoming photorealistic and powerful. Developers are always searching for best in class compression techniques that can manage to increase data requirements.

They are looking so without compromising the quality of the graphics. In short, the plan is to help the teamwork with RAD and pay better focus to render.

The company has said that the whole team works hand in hand for animations, insights, and even audio team for Unreal Engine.

These works will improve the gameplay, user experience, and even the infrastructure that the developers use. While Epic Games now owns RAD, RAD will continue its work individually.

It will help in the game industry, film industries, and even their partners on the television. RAD will even offer their service to those who do not use their technique or do not use Unreal Engine.

Epic Games is famous for making big moves like this acquisition in early 2021. Fans are waiting to hear exciting news from the company soon.

Image courtesy of Epic Games/YouTube Screenshot

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