Epic Games employee to get sued after alleged source of ‘Fortnite’ leaks?

Epic Games employee to get sued after alleged source of 'Fortnite' leaks?

Rumor has it an Epic Games employee is likely to get sued after allegedly being the source of the rampant Fortnite leaks.

Information leaks are nothing new in the gaming industry. Epic Games is also very familiar with this culture. Most especially when it comes to its famed Battle Royale title Fortnite

In fact, Essentially Sports reports that other gaming giants even facilitate leaks to increase the hype for their games.

Fortnite is a very famous game title with a wide fanbase community. It is also very prone to rampant leak rumors and data mining. In fact, players have been hinted days before the devs officially announced Captain America‘s arrival to the BR realm.

This week, another Marvel hero leak is making headlines, with “fat Thor” reportedly coming to Fortnite. The skin leaks are so real. In fact, one of which has already just been confirmed by Epic Games via Twitter.

Source of Fortnite leaks from an Epic Games employee?

According to Happy Power, a Popular Fortnite news YouTuber, an Epic Games employee has been the source of so many leaks. In a tweet, he mentioned an employee about to get sued.

Happy Power then replied to one its followers, explaining:

Sorry just got home, a person (still unsure exactly who) working for epic games has been giving leakers tons of leaks, and even giving out AES keys to certain skins that are encrypted. That’s how most leakers have dates to, updates, youtuber skins, itemshops, and things like that

In a YouTube video, the content creator further discussed the issue. Accordingly, it started when someone approached with a very known leaker, HYPEX, claiming to be an employee of Epic Games.

This employee offered the leaker “incriminating” information, such as item shop dates and skin releases—to name a few.

Will Epic Games sue?

This isn’t Epic’s first rodeo show. Last year, the gaming giant reportedly sued two testers who revealed information about Fortnite Chapter 2 before the release—which is in violation of their Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

Roland Sykes and Keywords Studios’ Lucas Johnson were slapped with a big lawsuit from Epic. YouTuber Happy Power even further narrated that Sykes has allegedly exchanged such Fortnite information for monetary compensation.

Per the YouTuber’s sources, an unnamed Discord user, this employee (which hasn’t been pinpointed yet) will reportedly be fired and sued.

However, HYPEX has cleared out via Twitter that there is no such employee leaking him of any Fortnite details. Epic is yet to comment on this issue.


Featured image courtesy of Fortnite/Twitter

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