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Epic Games explains details about ‘Fortnite’ on Android


Fortnite on Android is now blocked on the Google Play Store, but Epic is not fuming. Epic Games explains that players still have a variety of choices to access the game.

Fortnite on Android also came out of the store after Epic Games sued both Apple and Google. While Apple doesn’t allow app sideloading, Android does without retort. Fortnite will still be available on the Samsung Galaxy Store and straight from Epic’s site.

New Fortnite season available on Android

Fortnite, so far, is on its way to Chapter 2 Season 4. The new season is quite exciting, with a Marvel crossover to boot. The Nexus War update looks awesome, letting players use Marvel heroes to play.

Some of the characters for the Nexus War include Thor, Wolverine, and Doctor Doom. There’s also Iron Man, Storm, She-Hulk, Rocket, and Groot. While iOS gamers are missing out, Android players will only have minor inconvenience.

Epic Games is sending support email to everyone who downloaded Fortnite on the Google Play Store. They’re informing that the Android version is out of the official store, but there are other options.

For players who own a Samsung device, the Samsung Galaxy Store still has the app. For everyone else, fans can sideload the app straight from Epic Games. The traditional method is unusable, considering Epic is suing both Apple and Google.

Google can’t “ban” Epic Games outside the Play Store

In a recent move, Epic sued Apple and Google for preventing Fortnite players from buying V-bucks without the 30% cut. Apple responded in kind, removing Fortnite from the App Store. They also tried cutting off everything Epic, including their dev tools.

While Epic Games got a TRO for the dev tool removal, Apple prevented Fortnite’s reinstatement. Google also removed Fortnite on Android, but they remain passive. They’re allowing Apple to do all the fighting, and Epic is more than happy to oblige.

Google is yet to do a full ban of Fortnite and Epic Games in every way possible. They are likely unable to, considering how Android is a decentralized OS. While everything uses the base Android OS, each carrier can license software without passing through Google.

For those who already have old Fortnite from the Google Play Store, players can keep playing it. Even then, the game will not update and won’t have the latest content. Anything beyond Season 3 won’t come to the game.

Fortnite on Android is still playable, until Epic irons out their lawsuit with Apple and Google. At most, Epic will likely return to the status quo once everything blows over.

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