Epic Games’ ‘Fortnite’ now downloadable via Google Play Store

Fortnite now downloadable via Google Play Store

Finally, Fortnite players can now download their favorite battle royal shooter through the Google Play Store.

No more hassle of going through Samsung or downloading Epic’s Custom software to acquire the game, Fortnite gamers can now avail the game through the Google Play Store.

Through an official announcement, Epic Games, maker of Fortnite today stated that they finally brought the well-loved game to Google Play Store.

The decision comes 18 months after they started operating Android outside Google Play Store.The game-maker alleged that they made the move because of the software outside of Google Play, a disadvantage through technical business measures.

The company assured that in spite of the move to bring the game to the said store, they will continue to run Fortnite and other Epic Games apps outside of Google. On the other hand, the Fortnite maker expressed their hope that Google Play Store will revise its business policies and app developer dealings in the future

They are hoping that the store will allow open services for developers that will give the latter the freedom to reach and involve with the Play Store and Android customers as well.

Epic Game arguments

Epic Game alleged that Google Play Store asks developers for a 30% cut on all purchases made through the Play Store. The game maker further accused the store of bullying developers who will not comply with the said requirements.

According to the statement, Google treated third-party app sources as malware havens, an intimidating treatment for most developers. The store also allegedly relied on scary, repetitive security pop-ups.

This is not the first time that the Fortnite maker opposed the Play Store’s 30% cut policy. The company requested an exemption to the rule and labeled the store’s practice as illegal.

Google responded saying that the 30% policy gives game developers an opportunity to invest. They also assured the public that they are not playing favorites and are not giving special treatments to any specific developer.

Fortnite platforms

Considering the huge volume of users that can access Google Play Store, Epic Game’s recent move paves way for profit. Since its launch 18 months ago, game makers can only download the Fortnite through the Epic’s custom software.

iPhone and iPad users may download the game via the AppStore. However, Apple did not have a big market like Google so the Fortnite sales were not that strong according to reports.

Image courtesy of jusuf111/Pixabay

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